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Tedori-Callinan Lecture: “Isogeometric Analysis”

ESE Seminar: “AI and Intelligent IC/Accelerator Design: A Synergistic Approach”

ESE Faculty Hosted Talk: “Deep Learned Optical Multiplexing for Microscopy”

CBE Seminar: “Thermodynamics of Sequence-defined Polyelectrolyte Complexes”

Thriving in a Start-Up Ecosystem: Success and Failure in the Life of an Entrepreneur

MSE Seminar: “A Polymer Brush Approach to Controlling Biological Binding to Surfaces”

BE Seminar: “Developing neuroengineering solutions of biomedical relevance using crayfish as a model system”

CIS Seminar: “A Geometric Perspective on Computing Motion”

PICS Colloquium: Concurrent Atomistic-Continuum Modeling and Simulation of Transport Processes in Crystalline Materials


PSOC Seminar : “Using mechanics to understand liver cancer models”

MEAM Seminar: “Scalable Fabrication of Nanostructured Energy Storage Systems”

ESE Seminar: “2D Materials for Unconventional Devices: From Flexible/Wearable Tattoo Sensors to Monolayer Memory”

Cultivating Cultures of Ethical STEM: Institutional Transformation and Industrial Research Approaches and Findings

BE Doctoral Dissertation Defense: Human organ-on-chip systems for the study of biomechanical forces in health and disease


MEAM Doctoral Dissertation Defense: “Problems in Nonlinear Homogenization: Bounds, Estimates, Macroscopic Instabilities, and Post-Bifurcation Response”


PSOC Seminar : “Lessons from the Liver: From Chromosome Segregation to Tissue Regeneration”


CBE Seminar: “Examining Heterogeneous Populations of Microbes at the Single Cell Level Using Stabilized Emulsions”

MSE Special Seminar: “What They Don’t Teach You in School that You Need to Succeed in Life”

MSE Seminar: “Science and Applications of Topological Photonics across the Electromagnetic Spectrum”

ESE Seminar: “Information Security for the Connected World”


EWaste Collection

MEAM Seminar: “Architecture in Biological Materials: A Template for Toughness Enhancement, or a Siren Song?”

CBE Thesis Defense: “A Heterogeneous and Multiscale Modeling Framework to Develop Patient-Specific Pharmacodynamic System Models in Cancer”

ESE Seminar: “Foundations of Deep Learning and Applications in Medicine”

CBE Seminar: “Toward Platinum-free Fuel Cells for Affordable Zero-emission Vehicles”

MSE Seminar: “Scalable Multifunctional Nanoarchitectures for Energy Storage”

PICS Seminar: Isogeometric Methods for Solids, Structures, and Fluid-Structure Interaction: From Early Results to Recent Developments

PRiML Seminar: “Nonconvex Optimization Meets Statistics: A Few Recent Stories”


ESE Doctoral Dissertation Defense: “IMU-Based State Estimation and Control of Quadrotors Leveraging Aerodynamic Effects”

PSOC Seminar : “Single-Cell Analysis of Differentiation and Drug Response in Glioblastoma”

MEAM Seminar: “The Simulation and Modeling of Turbulent Flows”

ESE Seminar: “Solid-State Spin-Photon Interfaces: Old Friends & New”

Sigma Aldrich Lecture: “Epitaxy by Design: Epitaxial Growth of Dissimilar Materials”

CBE Seminar: “Chemical Reactor Scale-Up: Principles and Practice at Dow”

MSE Seminar: “Managing Intercultural Interactions in a Challenging Global Higher Education Landscape”

MEAM Special Seminar: “Smartphone-based Mobile Detection Platform for Molecular Diagnostics: from Infectious Diseases to Cancer”

PICS Seminar: “High-order Spectral Difference Method for Studying Marine Hydrodynamics and Thermal Convection and Magneto-hydrodynamics for the Sun”

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