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Penn Engineering Class of 2020 Undergraduate and Master’s Graduate Recognition

Dean Vijay Kumar will address the Penn Engineering Class of 2020 undergraduate and master’s graduates and their loved ones. Join us to hear Dean Kumar’s address, view student photos, and watch congratulatory video messages submitted by students’ families and by Penn Engineering faculty and staff. Please visit this webpage to access the link to our […]

Penn Engineering Class of 2020 Doctoral Graduate Recognition

Join us to hear a message from the Dean of Penn Engineering, Dr. Vijay Kumar, and view a virtual roll call of the Class of 2020 doctoral graduates, complete with video messages from our graduates and members of the Penn Engineering faculty. The total run time of this virtual celebration is less than one hour. […]

CANCELLED: MEAM Seminar: “Modeling the Behavior of Shape Memory Alloy Structures”

I will present recent work on the modeling of the structural response of shape memory alloy tubes, bars, and beams. We have developed a new constitutive model that captures pseudoelastic transformation induced recoverable deformation in SMAs including the strong asymmetries in the tensile and compressive responses. Instead of introducing multiple conditions for forward phase transformation, […]

CANCELLED: MEAM Seminar: “U.S. Army Additive Manufacturing Materials and Technologies”

With the constantly changing threat environment, the Army needs to be able to quickly adapt their tactics and equipment. But burdensome and lengthy acquisition cycles make this challenging. Additive manufacturing can potentially be utilized to overcome many of the challenges and enables on-demand manufacturing of repair parts, as well as rapid prototyping. Through topology optimization, […]

CANCELLED: MEAM Seminar: “Tackling Energy Sector Challenges with Interdisciplinary Research and Education Initiatives”

Tackling the energy sector’s pressing technological and workforce needs requires a multi-pronged approach. This talk will include a discussion of both technical research and educational approaches to address these needs. The educational initiatives include implementation of the Energy Fellows Program, a training and professional development program, as well as research on the varying perceptions of […]

CANCELLED: MEAM Seminar: “Wind Farm Dynamics and Power Optimization in Realistic Atmospheric Boundary Layer Conditions”

The study of wind farms within realistic atmospheric boundary layer conditions is critical to understand the governing physics of the system and to design optimal operational protocols. Historically, control protocols have optimized performance of individual wind turbines resulting in aerodynamic wakes which typically reduce total wind farm power production 10-20% and increase the cost of […]

MEAM Seminar: “Scalable Algorithms for the Computational Modeling of Complex Multi-Physics Systems”

The computational modeling of complex multi-physics problems often requires specialized approaches in the formulation, implementation, and deployment of algorithms that lie outside the scope of conventional practice in physics-based modeling and simulation. In this talk I will present three examples of problems in which the synergistic combination of advanced algorithms, and state-of-the-art software implementations on […]

MEAM Seminar: “Multiscale Interactions in Multiphase Turbulent Flows: Fundamentals to Applications”

Recent advances in experimental measurements and numerical simulations has allowed us to discover new phenomena in multiphase turbulence (a flow regime characterized by chaotic and irregular motion in the presence of immersed surfaces/bodies). In this talk, I will discuss some of these new discoveries and their importance both from a fundamental and an application viewpoint. […]

MEAM Seminar: “Robot Design Concepts for Intuitive Physical Human-Robot Interaction”

Physical human-robot interaction (pHRI) aims at taking advantage of the complementary capabilities of robots and humans. One of the key challenges in pHRI is to provide a high-bandwidth human-robot interaction that is safe and intuitive for the human user. To this end, it is proposed in this work to revisit the design of robots in […]

MEAM Seminar: “Cell Polarization and Growth”

Polarization is an essential behavior of living cells, yet the dynamics of this symmetry-breaking process are not fully understood. We have developed a spatial stochastic model of cellular polarization during mating of Saccharomyces cerevisiae. Specifically we investigated the ability of yeast cells to sense a spatial gradient of mating pheromone and respond by forming a […]

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