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MEAM Seminar: “Hardware / Controls Co-design to Overcome Challenges for Aerial Robots”

Aerial robotics have become ubiquitous, but (like most robots) they still struggle to operate at high speed in unstructured, cramped environments. By considering a vehicle’s mechanical design simultaneously with the […]

MEAM Ph.D. Thesis Defense: “A Study of Hydrogel Mechanics with Application on the Fracture of Human Blood Clots”

Loading of biological and synthetic hydrogels involves large deformations, and there exists a large literature devoted to their experimental characterization. Analytical investigations have recognized the importance of contributions originating from […]

MEAM Seminar: “Bringing Microrobots into Biomedicine”

Recent progress in diverse disciplines such as soft matter physics, nanoparticle synthesis, nanomedicine, and microbiology has enabled rich opportunities for translation of small-scale robots into medical applications. These robotic systems […]

MEAM Ph.D. Thesis Defense: “Multi-Scale Probing of Colloidal Sedimentation Dynamics in Active Suspensions”

Microorganisms, although challenging to observe, are ubiquitous in both natural ecosystems and industries. They inhabit diverse environments: natural ones ranging from small river tributaries and lakes to oceans, as well […]

MEAM Seminar: “Insect Respiratory Biomechanics and Insect-inspired Microfluidics”

Insect respiration is characterized by the rapid transport of respiratory gases within the organism and efficient exchange with the external environment. This unique system is comprised of a network of […]

MEAM Seminar: “Viscoelastic Biopolymer Networks Model Fibrotic Niches”

Fibrosis and remodeling of extracellular matrix are involved in many diseases, such as tumors, wound healing, and chronic inflammation. During fibrosis, tissues undergo changes in their viscoelastic properties, i.e., how […]

MEAM Seminar: “Defending the Planet: The DART Mission, and Mechanics Among the Asteroids”

An on-orbit demonstration of asteroid deflection is a key test of our ability to defend the planet from an incoming asteroid. The recent DART (Double Asteroid Redirection Test) mission was […]

MEAM Seminar: “Granular and Photoelastic Avalanches”

Flowing granular materials arise everywhere around us, in industry from pharmaceutical processes to bulk good transport lines, and in nature from snow avalanches to captivating dune fields. In landslides, we […]

Nano Seminar: “Conductive Nitrides for Plasmonics in the Visible Region: Properties and Applications”

Plasmonic nanostructure based on silver and gold that produces LSPR to withstand ultrahigh temperatures without damage remains a great challenge for future ultra-compact integrated circuits, and high-power enabled photonic devices. […]

MEAM Seminar: “Vibrating Beam MEMS Accelerometers for Gravity and Seismic Measurements”

Advances in microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) have enabled the widespread development of sensors for a variety of consumer, automotive, and wearable healthcare electronics applications. However, there is increasing interest in the […]

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