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MEAM Ph.D. Thesis Defense: “Mobile Wireless Infrastructure on Demand in Robot Teams”

Communication is fundamental to successful coordination in teams of robots. Indeed, the promise that robot teams can complete tasks faster and more efficiently than any single agent depends on their […]

MEAM Seminar: “Hierarchical Methods for Geometric Control of Underactuated, Free-Flying Robotic Systems”

Free-flying robotic systems (such as multibody aerial and space vehicles) evolve on high-dimensional non-Euclidean manifolds subject to nonlinear, underactuated dynamics. Because such systems can rely only on the severely limited […]

MEAM Ph.D. Thesis Defense: “Exploiting Flows for Orienteering and Planning Problems”

Task and path planning algorithms for robots in the presence of flows confront a fundamental dichotomy between the continuous and the discrete: task planning algorithms discretize the world and their […]

MEAM Seminar: “Photophoretic Levitating Structures Enabling Mesospheric and Martian Exploration”

Studying certain regions of the atmosphere is hindered by available propulsion technologies. For example, the mesosphere, ranging from about 50 to 80 km in altitude, has air too thin for […]

MEAM Seminar: “The Multiphysics Stochastic Brain”

Fuelled in particular by current medical challenges in Traumatic Brain Injury, the field of brain mechanics has progressed tremendously in the last decade. Simulations that required months in development and […]

MEAM Seminar: “Data-Driven Computational Design of Engineered Material Systems”

Designing advanced material systems poses challenges in integrating knowledge and representation from multiple disciplines and domains such as materials, manufacturing, structural mechanics, and design optimization. Data-driven machine learning and computational […]

MEAM Seminar: “Wall-modeled Large-eddy Simulation of Non-Equilibrium Turbulent Boundary Layers”

Accurate prediction of high-Reynolds-number turbulent flows is essential for the understanding and flow control of many engineering applications such as aircraft, turbomachinery, and marine vehicles. Additionally, most practical flows exhibit […]

MEAM Seminar: “Mechanics- Informed Optimization for Enhanced Adhesion and Toughness”

Structural design optimization has long played a crucial role in engineering, often with the goal of creating stiff and lightweight structures for aerospace and other applications. However, optimizing structures against […]

Penn American Red Cross Blood Drive

There is currently a critical need for blood donors, and members of the Penn Engineering community are invited to participate in a school-wide blood drive. To join in this effort, […]

MEAM Seminar: “Bistable Robots: Leveraging Task Features for Actuator Reduction”

Actuator reduction is especially important for aerial robots, where minimizing mass and conserving power is critical. Bistable mechanisms have been used to augment actuators by speeding up actuation time or […]

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