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MEAM Master’s Thesis Defense: “Modeling Off-Grid Photovoltaics Integrated with Micro-Cogeneration and Electrical Energy Storage”

Due to the elevated expenditure of fossil fuels and their adverse impacts on climate change resulting from greenhouse gas emissions, it is imperative to integrate clean energy sources alongside fossil […]

MEAM Ph.D. Thesis Defense: “Do the Twist: Toward Agile Control of an Axially Twisting Robotic Quadruped”

Even as they continue to improve, legged robots pale in comparison to their biological counterparts. This discrepancy is at least partly due to robots possessing an order of magnitude fewer […]

Entrepreneurship Seminar Series: Pathways to Impact

Entrepreneurship Seminar Series: Pathways to Impact This session brings together a panel of current and former faculty and PhDs that have brought their technology to market and have worked in […]

MEAM Seminar: “Collective Transitions in Beating Cilia and Swimming Fish”

I will discuss the collective modes that spontaneously emerge in ciliary carpets and fish schools. In both systems, the fluid medium couples the motion of individuals in the group. Flow […]

Raj and Neera Singh Program in Artificial Intelligence Town Hall

Benjamin Franklin Medal in Mechanical Engineering Lecture: “Molecular and Micro-Structural Mechanics and Design of Soft Materials”

Soft synthetic and natural polymeric-based materials offer particular new avenues for the design and fabrication of materials and devices. Engineering the molecular and geometrical structures of the constituent materials, together […]

MEAM Seminar: “Flows About Superhydrophobic Surfaces”

Superhydrophobic surfaces, formed by air entrapment within the cavities of hydrophobic solid substrates, offer a promising potential for hydrodynamic drag reduction. In several of the prototypical surface geometries the flows […]

MEAM Master’s Thesis Defense: “Optical Analysis of Buckling-Induced Micro-Robotic Membranes”

In recent years, micro-robotic membranes have attracted increasing interest due to their unique properties and potential applications in various fields. The optical properties of these membranes have been playing a […]

MEAM Master’s Thesis Defense: “The Rheology and Microphysics of Monodisperse Synthetic Mucin”

Mucus, a complex fluid produced by every living organism, has multiple essential functions including acting as an effective barrier layer in various bodily processes, many of which involve important rheological […]

MEAM Master’s Thesis Defense: “Gaussian Process-Based Active Exploration Strategies in Vision and Touch”

Robots struggle to understand object properties like shape, material, and semantics due to limited prior knowledge, hindering manipulation in unstructured environments. In contrast, humans learn these properties through interactive multi-sensor […]

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