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2023 Heilmeier Award Lecture: Dr. Dani S. Bassett

“On Being Curious” What is curiosity? Is it an emotion? A behavior? A cognitive process? Curiosity seems to be an abstract concept — like love, perhaps, or justice — far […]

ASSET Seminar: Computational Social Listening for Public Health (Sharath Guntuku, University of Pennsylvania)

ABSTRACT: How can A.I.-based methods inform social listening applications during public health crises? The COVID-19 pandemic has uprooted the mode and method of human communication and interaction. The magnitude of […]

Penn Engineering 2021-22 Heilmeier Award Lecture: Ritesh Agarwal

“Utilizing Quantum Geometry and Topology for Enabling Integrated Chiral Photonics” Classical and quantum computing devices need to ferry vast amounts of data, and optical interconnects provide a promising approach allowing […]

Singh Center for Nanotechnology 2021 Annual User Meeting

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