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MEAM Seminar: “Small, Autonomous, Flying Robots that can Feel and Map their Environment”

Autonomous flight through unknown environments in the presence of obstacles is a challenging problem for micro aerial vehicles (MAVs). A majority of the current state-of-art research focuses on modeling obstacles as opaque objects that can be easily sensed by optical sensors such as cameras or LiDARs. Since obstacles may not always be opaque, particularly in […]

MEAM Seminar: “Machine Learning for Robotics: Achieving Safety, Performance and Reliability by Combining Models and Data in a Closed-Loop System Architecture”

The ultimate promise of robotics is to design devices that can physically interact with the world. To date, robots have been primarily deployed in highly structured and predictable environments. However, we envision the next generation of robots (ranging from self-driving and -flying vehicles to robot assistants) to operate in unpredictable and generally unknown environments alongside […]

ESE Seminar: “Caching and Coding in Networks: Rate Efficiency, Age Efficiency”

Caching is of primary importance in the Internet-of-Things (IoT) and in particular in information-centric network (ICN) architectures where the focal point is content rather than where it can be retrieved from. As a result, in ICN networks one can replicate and store (or cache) content at various nodes throughout the network so that it can […]

Penn Engineering Undergraduate Commencement Ceremony

Doors open for guest seating at 1:30 p.m. Access livestream here.

Penn Engineering Master’s Commencement Ceremony

Doors open for guest seating at 3:00 p.m. Access livestream here.

Penn Engineering Doctoral Commencement Ceremony

Doors open for guest seating at 3:00 p.m.

ESE Seminar: ERI: Creating Inflections in the Trajectory of Semiconductors

The government is spending 1.5 billion dollars over 5 years to create a more secure, specialized and highly automated electronics industry. This talk will describe the current programs and the motivation for the initiative.

ESE & GRASP Seminar: “Efficient Computing for AI and Robotics”

Computing near the sensor is preferred over the cloud due to privacy and/or latency concerns for a wide range of applications including robotics/drones, self-driving cars, smart Internet of Things, and portable/wearable electronics. However, at the sensor there are often stringent constraints on energy consumption and cost in addition to the throughput and accuracy requirements of […]

ESE Seminar: “Connecting Bits to the Physical World”

Analog, RF and power integrated circuits are the key connectors between the physical world and the digital or cyber world. In this talk I will give my perspective on broader research trends in analog integrated circuit design research and illustrate several of these trends with results from my research group. The analog circuit design discipline […]

The Joy of Being Faculty: How to Apply for a Faculty Position

This professional development workshop is designed to provide Penn Engineering graduate students and postdocs with a richer understanding of what it is like to pursue a career in academia from those that have navigated the process successfully. Deputy Dean Kathleen J. Stebe (SEAS) will lead this extemporaneous panel discussions with a mix of both tenured […]

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