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ESE Seminar: “Integrated Nonlinear and Quantum Photonic Devices”

Recent advances in nanofabrication technology have allowed for the realization of ultra-low loss nanophotonic waveguides and is opening up exciting opportunities for next-generation nonlinear photonic circuits with higher integration density, advanced functionalities, and ultralow energy consumption. Those features are critical for advancing photonic technologies in both classical and quantum domains. In this talk, I will […]

ESE Seminar: “Engineering Quantum Processors in Silicon”

Across the globe, physicists in academia and industry alike are competing to be the first to build a scalable universal quantum computer. Amongst the multitudes of quantum computing architectures, solid-state quantum processors based on spins in silicon are emerging as a strong contender. Silicon is an ideal material to host spin qubits: it supports long […]

Technology, Business and Government Lecture: “STEM and the Future of Work- A Conversation with Rep. Chrissy Houlahan”

Representative Houlahan will speak about how her experiences as a former teacher and engineer have shaped her priorities and work in Congress, and about the importance of STEM work/jobs across all sectors of society. Zoom Webinar Link Passcode: 130891

ESE Seminar: “Synthetic dimensions: harnessing light’s internal degrees of freedom for quantum, nonlinear and topological photonics”

Scaling up next-generation photonic systems in a resource-efficient manner is a ubiquitous challenge for quantum technologies such as quantum networks, quantum simulation and computation, and for classical technologies such as photonic neural networks, LiDAR and communications. From a fundamental perspective, high-dimensional lattices hold promise for realizing and manipulating exotic states of light and matter, complementing […]

ESE Seminar: “Surpassing Fundamental Limits through Time Varying Electromagnetics”

Surpassing the fundamental limits that govern all electromagnetic structures, such as reciprocity and the delay-bandwidth-size limit, will have a transformative impact on all applications based on electromagnetic circuits and systems. For instance, violating principles of reciprocity enables non-reciprocal components such as isolators and circulators, which find application in full-duplex wireless radios, radar, bio-medical imaging, and […]

ESE Seminar: “Demystifying (Deep) Reinforcement Learning: The Optimist, The Pessimist, and Their Provable Efficiency”

Coupled with powerful function approximators such as deep neural networks, reinforcement learning (RL) achieves tremendous empirical successes. However, its theoretical understandings lag behind. In particular, it remains unclear how to provably attain the optimal policy with a finite regret or sample complexity. In this talk, we will present the two sides of the same coin, […]

ESE Seminar: “Megahertz Power Electronics in Transportation and Healthcare Applications”

The efficient use of electrical energy is a foundation of modern society. Power electronics is at the core of electrical energy conversion and greatly impacts a system’s size, performance, and cost. High-performance miniaturized power electronics can be a key enabling technology for many emerging applications, such as electric vehicles (EV), medical devices, and soft- and […]

ESE Seminar: “High-Level Synthesis of Dynamically Scheduled Circuits”

The slowdown in transistor scaling and the end of Moore’s law indicate a need to invest in new computing paradigms; specialized hardware devices, such as FPGAs and ASICs, are a promising solution as they can achieve high processing capabilities and energy efficiency. However, a major barrier to the global success of specialized computing is the […]

ESE Seminar: “Sensing the Physical World using Pervasive Wireless Infrastructure”

Emerging applications such as smart cities, autonomous vehicles, and mixed reality rely on embedded systems that are engaging with the physical environment through sensors. Building upon this connection, my vision is to advance Omnipresent Sensing by harnessing the wireless infrastructure in and around buildings and cities to act as a non-intrusive sensing platform. This is possible by […]

Inaugural Joseph Bordogna Forum: “A Call to Action for Racial Justice and Equity in Engineering”

Racism and anti-Blackness are crises that jeopardize our democracy, productivity and well-being and call into question whether we can all live together peaceably and harmoniously in a just and equitable American society. At this critical moment in our nation’s history we need more than words that renounce racism and anti-Blackness, we need actions to abolish […]

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