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MSE Seminar: “Predicting and Controlling Scalable Quantum Systems”

Quantum materials host spectacular excited-state and nonequilibrium effects, but many of these phenomena remain challenging to control and, consequently, technologically underexplored. My group’s research, therefore, focuses on how quantum systems behave, particularly away from equilibrium, and how we can harness these effects. By creating predictive theoretical and computational approaches to study dynamics, decoherence and correlations […]

ESE Ph.D. Thesis Defense: “Cryptographic Foundations for Control and Optimization”

Abstract: Advances in communication technologies and computational power have determined a technological shift in the data paradigm. The resulting architecture requires sensors to send local data to the cloud for global processing such as estimation, control, decision and learning, leading to both performance improvement and privacy concerns. This thesis explores the emerging field of private […]

ESE Thesis Defense: “Scalable Learning in Distributed Robot Teams”

Mobile robots are already in use for mapping, agriculture, entertainment, and the delivery of goods and people. As robotic systems continue to become more affordable, large numbers of mobile robots may be deployed concurrently to accomplish tasks faster and more efficiently. Practical deployments of very large teams will require scalable algorithms to enable the distributed […]

ESE Thesis Defense: “A Microwell-Based Impedance Sensor in Microneedle Shape for Cytokine Detection”

Monitoring cytokine profiles plays a crucial role in predictive and early disease diagnosis, as well as in research in many biological fields, thus multiple approaches have been investigated. Despite the promise of these techniques, many still require specialized instrumentation or have not been shown in real-time applications, impeding their clinical adoption as point-of-care systems. Impedance-based […]

ESE Ph.D. Thesis Defense: “The Development of A Fingertip Implantable MEMS Tactile Sensing System”

Abstract: This thesis explores the development of a fingertip implantable MEMS tactile sensing system to provide tactile sensing capabilities for paralyzed people using a brain machine interface (BMI) technology. With the BMI-controlled stimulation, paralyzed people are able to restore hand movement with their native hands without sensation. However, sensory feedback for these BMI-controlled stimulators is […]

The Jack Keil Wolf Lecture: “Coordination of Distributed Energy Resources (DERs)”

DERs are small-scale energy resources that can generate electricity, such as roof-top solar PV, store electricity, such as Tesla’s Powerwall, or whose electricity consumption can be flexibly controlled, such as EV chargers, HVACs, water heaters, and large industrial fans. DERs are located behind the meters of electricity consumers, such as in homes, commercial building and […]

ESE Seminar: “Harnessing Light-Matter Interaction for Photonic Quantum Technologies”

Photonic quantum technologies have a unique potential for applications such as large-scale quantum networks and quantum-enhanced sensing. Furthermore, photons provide new paradigms for quantum simulations and a testbed for benchmarking the advantage of quantum simulators over the classical ones. These applications demand novel resources such as efficient single-photon sources, large clusters of entangled photons, and […]

ESE Thesis Defense: “Accelerated Risk Assessment and Domain Adaptation for Autonomous Vehicles”

Autonomous vehicles (AVs) are already driving on public roads around the US; however, their rate of deployment far outpaces quality assurance and regulatory efforts. Consequently, even the most elementary tasks, such as automated lanekeeping, have not been certified for safety, and operations are constrained to narrow domains. First, due to the limitations of worst-case analysis […]

ESE Seminar: “Engineering (Useful) Quantum Systems”

Quantum technologies have the potential to revolutionize sensing, communication, and computation. To realize this potential, it will be necessary to scale the size and complexity of engineered quantum systems by several orders of magnitude, without sacrificing coherence or fidelity. Trapped ion qubits provide unparalleled coherence and are a leading platform for current small-scale quantum technology […]

CIS & ESE Seminar: “Wireless Systems that See the Invisible with Machine Learning: Through-Wall Vision, Emotion Recognition, and Health Monitoring”

Today, there is a huge interest in sensing technologies that can sense people and monitor their health. Yet, existing solutions require people to wear different sensors and devices on their bodies. In contrast, my research uses wireless signals to sense people without any physical contact. Wireless signals, which have been traditionally used for data communication, […]

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