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PSOC Spring 2019 Seminar Series: Parag Mallick, Ph.D.

CBE Seminar: “Effects of Polarity, Solvation, and Interfacial Polarization on Charge-driven Assembly”

PSOC Spring 2019 Seminar Series: Shreyas Rao , Ph.D.

CBE Seminar: “Lipid-like Materials for RNA Delivery: A How-to Guide for Hacking Gene Expression”

CBE and Physics Joint Seminar: “Structuring Matter Over Multiple Length Scales Using the Self-assembly of Colloidal Particles”

CBE Seminar: “Particle Transport in Soft, Disordered Media”

John A. Quinn Distinguished Lecture: “Some Uses and Misuses of Equilibrium Thermodynamics”

We will discuss a number of legitimate and of wrongful applications of the Second Law of Thermodynamics, in particular, in the screening of chemical processes. We consider how ideas of equilibrium thermodynamics and statistical mechanics can be of value in some non-equilibrium situations, particularly in the cases of very slow diffusion and reaction.

PSOC Spring 2019 Seminar Series: Alexander Anderson, Ph.D.

CBE Seminar: “Predicting and Controlling Stability and Protein-Protein Interactions for Therapeutic Antibodies”

PSOC Spring 2019 Seminar Series: Theresa Whitehead, Ph.D.

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