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Penn Engineering Class of 2020 Undergraduate and Master’s Graduate Recognition

Dean Vijay Kumar will address the Penn Engineering Class of 2020 undergraduate and master’s graduates and their loved ones. Join us to hear Dean Kumar’s address, view student photos, and watch congratulatory video messages submitted by students’ families and by Penn Engineering faculty and staff. Please visit this webpage to access the link to our […]

Penn Engineering Class of 2020 Doctoral Graduate Recognition

Join us to hear a message from the Dean of Penn Engineering, Dr. Vijay Kumar, and view a virtual roll call of the Class of 2020 doctoral graduates, complete with video messages from our graduates and members of the Penn Engineering faculty. The total run time of this virtual celebration is less than one hour. […]

CBE Dissertation Defense: “Strategies for Overcoming Resistance to Targeted Therapy in Glioblastoma”

Co-Advisors: Matthew J. Lazzara, PhD and Dennis E. Discher, PhD; Committee Members: Scott L. Diamond, PhD, M. Celeste Simon, PhD and Benjamin Purow

Cancelled: CBE Seminar – Biomaterials-Mediated Inflammation Control”

Abstract: Many chronic disabling diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, psoriasis, multiple sclerosis and systemic lupus erythematosus are increasingly linked to inappropriate and chronic activation of inflammatory cells. A central event in the pathogenesis of these diseases appears to be an aberrant activation of innate immune sensors, most prominently the Pattern Recognition Receptors (PRRs), by nucleic […]

CBE Dissertation Defense: “Role of Soluble Fibrin and Fibrin Degradation Products on Platelet Signaling During Trauma

Advisor: Scott Diamond, PhD; Committee Members: Talid Sinno, PhD; Ravi Radhakrishnan, PhD; Lawrence Brass, PhD

POSTPONED: John A. Quinn Distinguished Lecture: “Molecular and Colloidal Interactions in Water”

Abstract: Life occurs in water, and water-mediated interactions between molecules and interfaces are central to biological assembly processes.  Synthetic materials as common as shampoo rely on water-mediated interactions.  This presentation will describe experiments that highlight our lack of understanding of interactions in water. This lack of understanding presents the opportunity to formulate a refined set […]

CANCELLED: MEAM Seminar: “U.S. Army Additive Manufacturing Materials and Technologies”

With the constantly changing threat environment, the Army needs to be able to quickly adapt their tactics and equipment. But burdensome and lengthy acquisition cycles make this challenging. Additive manufacturing can potentially be utilized to overcome many of the challenges and enables on-demand manufacturing of repair parts, as well as rapid prototyping. Through topology optimization, […]

CANCELLED: CBE Seminar – “Model-Based Chemical Product Design and Analysis”

Abstract: Chemical products are usually designed and developed through heuristic rule-based and/or trial-and-error experiment-based approaches. Although this kind of approaches often lead to safe and reliable product designs, since it is not practically feasible to consider all alternatives, it may not be possible to find the optimal product. As an alternative approach, the use of […]

CBE Faculty Candidate Seminar: “Understanding and Design of Materials of High Energy Density Batteries”

Abstract: Environmental challenges and economic forces are reshaping the way we generate and consume energy on a global scale. To keep up with the accelerating adoption of electric vehicles, allow for grid scale energy storage, and meet the demands of future technological advances, new materials for high energy density batteries must be developed. High costs […]

CBE Faculty Candidate Seminar: Towards a “Greener” Route for Acetic Acid Production via the Carbonylation of Dimethyl Ether Over Small-Pore Molecular Sieves

Abstract: Catalyst design is a critical pillar, and current bottleneck, in the construction of a sustainable chemical industry. Practical catalytic materials are earth-abundant, active, selective, and stable. Developing materials that meet these criteria is challenging and involves a two-phase process that (1) extracts molecular-level understanding of the origin of reactivity for a given chemical pathway, […]

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