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BE Seminar: “Tissue-Inspired Synthetic Biomaterials” (Shelly Peyton)

This seminar will be held live and broadcast on zoom – link coming soon. Improved experimental model systems are critically needed to better understand cancer progression and bridge the gap between lab bench proof-of-concept studies, validation in animal models, and eventual clinical application. Many methods exist to create biomaterials, including hydrogels, which we use to […]

CBE Seminar: “From Molecular Simplicity to Supramolecular Complexity: Low Symmetry Packings of Ionic Spherical Micelles”

Abstract A delicate balance of noncovalent interactions drives hydrated molecular amphiphiles to self-assemble into lyotropic liquid crystals (LLCs) of varied topologies, the exquisite nanodomain structures of which suggest applications as separations membranes, mesoporous materials synthesis templates, and therapeutic delivery vehicles. Based on hard sphere colloidal crystals, spherical micelles are intuitively expected to form high symmetry […]

PICS Colloquium: “Molecular organization in biology: What can computer simulations teach us?”

Abstract: The formation of membraneless organelles (MLOs) via phase separation of proteins and nucleic acids has emerged as an essential process with which cells can maintain spatiotemporal control. Despite enormous progress in understanding the role of MLOs in biological function in the last ten years or so, the molecular details of the underlying phenomena are […]

CBE PhD Dissertation Defense | “Process Development and Modeling for the Advancement of Direct Air Capture Technologies”

Abstract:  “As the catastrophic effects of climate change are felt throughout our global society, we must take immediate action. A portfolio of climate solutions must include both deep and robust decarbonization, and systems to remove carbon dioxide directly from the atmosphere. One promising suite of carbon removal technologies is Direct Air Capture (DAC). DAC refers […]

Singh Center for Nanotechnology 2021 Annual User Meeting

CBE Seminar: “Spatial and Dynamical Control in Metabolic Engineering Using Organelle Engineering and Optogenetics”

Abstract Metabolic engineering aims to rewire cellular metabolism, typically of microorganisms, to produce fuels, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and other valuable products from renewable resources. However, it is often challenging to achieve the titers, yields, and productivities required for commercial viability. Spatial and dynamical control of engineered metabolic pathways can greatly improve their efficiency to address this […]

CBE Seminar: “The Refinery of Today, Tomorrow and the Future: A Separations Perspective”

Abstract The hydrocarbon processing industry is in the midst of a major shift in feedstocks, structure, and products. Aggressive carbon abatement targets and intrinsic efficiency advantages from electric vehicles strongly undercut the advantages of fossil fuels, which are the majority product of this industry. However, the immense value of the existing hydrocarbon infrastructure suggests that […]

CBE Seminar: “Electrolytes for High Energy Li-ion and Li Metal Batteries”

Abstract Electrolytes are critical enabling components for Li-ion batteries to safely operate within a wide temperature range, under extreme fast charging, and under intense abuse conditions without sacrificing energy density and cycle life. Current electrolytes cannot satisfy these requirements. We developed advanced all-fluorinated electrolytes, water-in-sale (WIS) electrolytes and solid-state electrolytes aiming to simultaneously enhance cell […]

CBE Seminar: “Shake It Off: Dynamics of Bacterial Adhesions at Interfaces”

Abstract Control over adhesion of bacteria on solid and liquid interfaces underlies a spectrum of practical applications, ranging from preventing the formation of destructive biofilms on medical devices and on resource pipelines to removing pollutants from water. Because microscale bacteria are similar in size to colloidal particles, bacterial adhesion has long been studied using models […]

CBE Graduate Student Symposium (GSS)

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