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Penn Engineering 2024 Commencement Open House

On Monday, May 20, 2024, from 12:15-2:15 p.m., Penn Engineering will host an Open House for the School’s returning graduates and their families throughout the first floors of the main […]

CBE Doctoral Dissertation Defense: “Path-Sampling and Machine Learning for Rare Abnormal Safety and Reliability Events” (Vikram Sudarshan)

Abstract: It is crucial for chemical and manufacturing industries to ensure safe and reliable operation of their plants and processes, by mitigating safety issues (e.g., extreme operating conditions) and reliability […]

Celebrating Penn Engineers: Past, Present and Future

Penn Engineering invites all alumni, family and friends to join us for the dedication of two new hallway installations that honor the past while inspiring the future. Join Dean Kumar […]

Penn NRT Soft AE Annual Symposium: Exploring research & educational intersections of soft materials, autonomous experimentation & science policy

Please register at the event webpage, where you will also find abstracts and bios for the speakers. Invited talks include: Exploring Polymer Blend Directed Self-Assembly Using Autonomous X-Ray Scattering Greg […]

Entrepreneurship Seminar Series: Pathways to Impact

Entrepreneurship Seminar Series: Pathways to Impact This session brings together a panel of current and former faculty and PhDs that have brought their technology to market and have worked in […]

Raj and Neera Singh Program in Artificial Intelligence Town Hall

A Franklin Medal Laureate Lecture: “Building Therapies Layer-By-Layer”

Recipient of the 2024 Benjamin Franklin Medal in Chemistry

Career Steps Before Graduation Seminar

On Friday, April 12,2024, the Department of Materials Science and Engineering is hosting an information session dedicated to equipping you with insights on the essential steps to secure a career […]

CBE Doctoral Dissertation Defense: “Identifying Material Fingerprints of Relevance to Understand Adsorbate-Surface Interactions Using First Principles Modeling and Machine Learning” (Genesis Quiles-Galarza)

Abstract: Adsorption of chemical species on surfaces of materials is one of the critical phenomenon governing the reactivity and activity of the material for surface and interface driven chemical reactions. […]

CBE Doctoral Dissertation Defense: “A Multifaceted Approach to CO2 Emissions Reductions and Removals” (Maxwell Pisciotta)

Abstract: The scientific consensus is that climate change is not only actively occurring, but that it is irrevocably due to human activities associated with greenhouse gas emissions. Greenhouse gas emissions […]

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