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PSOC Webinar: Buzz Baum

Physical Sciences in Oncology Center PSOC@Penn Spring 2021 Webinar Series Mondays at 12:00 noon (EST) For webinar links, please contact

ODEI Spotlight: Lavender Graduation

Please note that this event is only open to students graduating from the University of Pennsylvania. You are welcome to participate even if you were not actively involved with the Penn LGBT Center or any of the LGBTQ+ student organizations. We still want to recognize your accomplishments! Registration Link:

PSOC Webinar: Jason Locasale

Physical Sciences in Oncology Center PSOC@Penn Spring 2021 Webinar Series Mondays at 12:00 noon (EST) For webinar links, please contact

CBE PhD Dissertation Defense | Hydrodeoxygenation of Biomass-Derived Model Compounds Over Bifunctional Catalysts

Abstract:  The negative social and environmental impacts from burning of fossil fuels motivated the development of renewable and sustainable sources for the production of electricity such as wind and solar. Lignocellulosic biomass has emerged as a promising feedstock for carbon-based fuels and chemicals and much research effort has recently been directed at developing efficient catalytic […]

CBE PhD Dissertation Defense | A Scalable, Point-of-Care Microfluidic Approach for Assessing Thrombosis and Hemostasis

Abstract:  Coagulation testing is an important diagnostic tool for the detection of excessive bleeding risk or obstructive clot formation (thrombosis), using blood samples from patients. Microfluidic flow devices have been well established to provide insights on the impacts of shear rate, drug action, and disease state on coagulation and platelet biology. The bulk of the […]

ODEI Spotlight: Blindspot: Hidden Biases of Good People

The purpose of the seminar, Blindspot: Hidden Biases of Good People, is to reveal the surprising and even perplexing ways in which we make errors in assessing and evaluating others when we recruit and hire, onboard and promote, lead teams, undertake succession planning, and work on behalf of our clients or the public we serve. […]

CBE PhD Dissertation Defense | A Computational Approach to the Study of Trauma

Abstract:  Trauma with hypovolemic shock is an extreme pathological state that challenges the body to maintain blood pressure and oxygenation in the face of hemorrhagic blood loss. In conjunction with surgical actions and transfusion therapy, survival requires the patient’s blood to maintain hemostasis to stop bleeding. The physics of the problem are multiscale: (1) the […]

ODEI Spotlight: Race, Solidarity, and Allyship

Moderated by: Malik Muhammad Assoc. Director – LGBT Center Panelists: Dr. Valerie Dorsey Allen Director – African American Resource Center Elizabeth Cannon Co-Founder – White Educators Committed to Anti-Racism & Equity   Zoom ID: 970 2429 7938

CBE Seminar: “Robots That Eat, Breathe and Bleed”

Abstract Modern robots lack the multifunctional, interconnected chemical systems found in living organisms and, consequently, exhibit reduced efficiency and autonomy. At the same time, new advancements in chemistry are enabling synthetic materials with capabilities that surpass biological materials. This talk will discuss how advances in electrochemistry and soft materials can transform the way we build […]

ODEI Spotlight: CHOP Diversity Symposium, Striving for Equity in STEM

“Gaslighting in the Academy: Actually Making Black Lives Matter” Manu Platt, PhD Professor, Biomedical Engineering Georgia Tech and Emory University Date: April 13, 2021 Time: 10:00 – 11:00 am BlueJeans Link: In honor of Diversity Month, we are pleased to host the first annual CHOP Diversity Symposium. This is a time for us to […]

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