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MEAM Seminar: “Microdevices Enabled by Rarefied Flows”

In this talk we will review emerging applications of rarefied gas dynamics for microscale sensing, actuation and power generation. Performance of conventional fluidic devices such as pumps, combustors and heat engines decreases at the microscale due to greater viscous and heat transfer losses. Unconventional micro/nanodevices exploit the tight coupling between non-equilibrium gas, liquid and solid-state […]

Britton Chance Distinguished Lecture: “Regenerative Immunology: The Role of Technology Translation in Guiding Discovery”

Abstract: Biomaterial implants have a long history in the clinic, but regenerative biomaterials and regenerative medicine therapies, in general, have been slow to reach patients. Clinical translation provides a unique and critical opportunity to investigate the key therapeutic drivers of technology efficacy in people. Careful evaluation of clinical outcomes and reevaluation of design parameters is […]

CBE Seminar: “Collaboration and Competition Between Active Sheets for Self-Propelled Particles”

Abstract: Biological species routinely collaborate for their mutual benefit or compete for available resources, thereby displaying dynamic behavior that is challenging to replicate in synthetic systems. Here, we use computational modeling to design microscopic, chemically active sheets and self-propelled particles encompassing the appropriate synergistic interactions to exhibit bio-inspired “feeding”, “fleeing” and “fighting”. This design couples […]

CBE Dissertation Defense: “Fabrication of Superhydrolic Nanostructured Membranes for Oil/Water Separation

Committee: Daeyeon Lee, PhD and Shu Yang, PhD, Co-Advisors; Kathleen Stebe, PhD and Amish Patel, PhD

CBE Seminar: “Soft, Wet, and Sticky: Viscous Forces and Elasticity in Wet Adhesion”

Abstract: Understanding and harnessing the coupling between lubrication pressure, elasticity, and surface interactions provides materials design strategies for applications such as adhesives, coatings, microsensors, and biomaterials. This presentation will discuss our efforts to understand how soft materials make contact and adhere under dynamic conditions in fluid environments. Measurements of interactions between soft surfaces will show how […]

MEAM Seminar: “Origami Micro, Bio, and Nanosystems “

Due to the inherent planarity of conventional micro and nanofabrication, it is challenging to pattern and assemble micro, bio, and nano-materials and devices in all three dimensions. Origami inspired mechanical assembly by curving, bending, and folding of appropriately designed micro and nanopatterned precursors provides a high-throughput solution to address this challenge. In this talk, I […]

CBE Seminar: “Tailoring Processes and Assembly of Nanomaterials for Electrochemical Energy Storage”

Abstract: Despite their promise to mitigate many problems and offer new opportunities in energy storage systems, nanomaterials have proven to be difficult to tailor and preserve their assembly throughout manufacturing processes when a scale-up is considered. My group has been working on understanding and modification of instability-driven processes to devise scalable manufacturing processes such as […]

CBE Seminar: “Chemical Reactor Scale-Up: Principles and Practice at Dow”

Abstract: Since Dow first formed a global reaction engineering discipline over twenty years ago, we have accumulated much experience leading and supporting a diversity of reaction engineering projects for our corporation. This presentation will provide specific examples of real-world reaction engineering problems at Dow in the past 27 years and summarize our perspective regarding the […]

CBE Seminar: “Toward Platinum-free Fuel Cells for Affordable Zero-emission Vehicles”

Abstract: One of the grand challenges facing humanity today is the development of an alternative energy system that is safe, clean, and sustainable. A Distributed Renewable Electrochemical Energy and Mobility System (DREEMS) can meet this challenge. At the foundation of this new energy system, we have chosen to study fuel cells, electrolyzers, and flow batteries. […]

CBE Thesis Defense: “A Heterogeneous and Multiscale Modeling Framework to Develop Patient-Specific Pharmacodynamic System Models in Cancer”

Thesis Committee: Ravi Radhakrishnan, Ph.D., advisor; Dennis Discher, PhD; Scott Diamond, PhD; and Wei Guo, PhD

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