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Penn Engineering Doctoral Commencement Ceremony

Doors open for guest seating at 3:00 p.m.

MEAM Seminar: “Tribofilms at the Asperity Scale”

The presentation will start with an introduction to tribology. This term was first used in a 1965 UK government report which identified the economic loss due to preventable wear and poor friction performance. It helped bring together the diverse community of engineers and scientists that need to collaborate in order to tackle the complex interactions […]

PSOC Spring 2019 Seminar Series: Parag Mallick, Ph.D.

CBE Seminar: “Effects of Polarity, Solvation, and Interfacial Polarization on Charge-driven Assembly”

PSOC Spring 2019 Seminar Series: Shreyas Rao , Ph.D.

PICS Seminar: “Topology, Geometry, and Fracture in Networked Materials: A Tale of Scales”

The skeleton of many natural and artificial structures may be abstracted as networks of nonlinearly interacting elements. Examples include rubber, gels, soft tissues, and lattice materials. Understanding the multiscale nature of deformation and failure of networked structures hold key for uncovering origins of fragility in many complex systems including biological tissues and enables designing novel […]

CBE Seminar: “Lipid-like Materials for RNA Delivery: A How-to Guide for Hacking Gene Expression”

CBE and Physics Joint Seminar: “Structuring Matter Over Multiple Length Scales Using the Self-assembly of Colloidal Particles”

The Joy of Being Faculty: How to Apply for a Faculty Position

This professional development workshop is designed to provide Penn Engineering graduate students and postdocs with a richer understanding of what it is like to pursue a career in academia from those that have navigated the process successfully. Deputy Dean Kathleen J. Stebe (SEAS) will lead this extemporaneous panel discussions with a mix of both tenured […]

CBE Seminar: “C4E-Computational Chemistry of Compounds for Catalysis and Energy”

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