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CBE Seminar: “Examining Heterogeneous Populations of Microbes at the Single Cell Level Using Stabilized Emulsions”

Abstract: Conventional methods in microbiology can be limited by long assay execution and analysis times, large reagent volumes, and high single-use supply costs. These limitations can be overcome using drop-based microfluidics in which picoliter-sized, water-in-oil emulsions serve as independent microreactors, allowing for the compartmentalization of microbes and high-throughput assaying at the single cell level. Here, […]

CBE Seminar: “Thermodynamics of Sequence-defined Polyelectrolyte Complexes”

Abstract: Charged polymers known as polyelectrolytes have been studied for decades, however, understanding their physical properties remains a persistent challenge for polymer scientists. This difficulty stems from the intricate interplay between length scales spanning as much as 3-4 orders of magnitude, which has stymied our understanding of a truly important class of polymers; polyelectrolytes are […]

CBE Seminar: “Protein-integrated Electronics: From Molecules to Machines”

Abstract: We are developing chemo-mechatronic systems, structures, and machines that can transduce signals between the chemical, mechanical, and electrical domains to produce intelligent behaviors in response to an external stimuli. Inspired by systems spanning from how tissues build themselves to how animals camouflage, I will discuss our molecular-level approach to building new materials that can […]

CBE Seminar: “Evolution of the Conformational-free Energy Landscapes of Proteins”

Abstract: One of the holy grails of drug-design is to obtain high-selectivity binding of a drug to the target protein, an extremely challenging endeavor for proteins that share high sequence and structural similarity. We investigate several systems of high biological importance to elucidate how selectivity emerged during evolution and how it can inform the design […]

CBE Seminar: “Complexity in the Chemistry and Physics of Lipid Membranes as a Handle to Activate the Delivery of Cargo to Cells”

Abstract: Lipid materials having nanostructures that deviate from the conventional flat bilayer arrangement such as hexagonally packed lipid tubes and bi-continuous cubic phases are ubiquitous in nature. Their role remains elusive but over the years several pathologies and organelle functions have been coupled to lipid membrane structural complexity. In this talk, we will discuss lipid membrane polymorphism and […]

CBE Seminar: “Embryogenesis: A Cascade of Dynamical Systems”

Abstract: We aim to establish and experimentally test mathematical models of embryogenesis. While the foundation of this research is based on models of isolated developmental events, the ultimate challenge is to formulate and understand dynamical systems encompassing multiple stages of development and multiple levels of regulation. These range from specific chemical reactions in single cells […]

CBE Doctoral Dissertation Defense: “Utilization of MEMS Techniques for the Fabrication of Scalable Energy Storage Devices”

Committee Members: Sue Ann Bidstrup Allen, Advisor; Raymond Gorte, John Vohs and Mark Allen.

CBE Doctoral Thesis Defense: “Utilization of Mems Techniques for the Fabrication of Scalable Energy Storage Devices”

Committee: Sue Ann Bidstrup Allen, Advisor; Raymond Gorte, John Vohs and Mark Allen

CBE Doctoral Dissertation Defense: “Polymer Infiltration Under Extreme Confinement”

Committee: Daeyeon Lee and Robert A. Riggleman, Co-advisors; Ravi Radhakrishnan and Zahra Fakhraai

CBE Doctoral Dissertation Defense: “Alternating Multiblock Polyethylenes with Associating Groups: Self-Assembled Nanoscale Morphologies and Ion Transport”

Thesis Committee: Karen Winey, Advisor; Daeyeon Lee, Robert Riggleman and Chinedum Osuji

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