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PICS: “Python Workshop”

The Penn Institute for Computational Science (PICS) will be hosting a Python workshop on Saturday, November 7 from 10:00am – 3:30pm via Zoom. This course is designed to be an introduction to programming in Python. In this workshop you will learn to write clean, readable, and fast Python code with a focus on graphics-based programming. In […]

PICS Alumni Spotlight: “Zahera Jabeen”

The PICS Alumni Spotlight is an opportunity for current students to talk and network with alumni. These talks begin with the speaker discussing their education and career paths and then answering questions from students.

PICS Seminar: “Shock-induced turbulent mixing and interactions with flexible panels through simulations”

Two fundamental challenges that arise in the development of air-breathing supersonic combustion ramjet engines (scramjets) for hypersonic flight are: 1) the rapid mixing of fuel and oxidizer that must occur prior to combustion, and 2) the coupling between the engine structure and the flow dynamics. Interactions of shock waves and turbulence that characterize the flow […]

MEAM Seminar: “Data-driven Physics Discovery and Scale Bridging in Materials”

In this talk I will provide an overview of our recent work in data-driven methods—mainly machine learning—to enhance computational materials physics models. This body of work has proceeded along two main fronts. The first is system inference, where we seek to identify physical mechanisms via their mathematical signatures as differential or algebraic operators. Our approach […]

PICS Colloquium: “Data-driven model reduction and multiscale modal decomposition for complex chaotic systems”

Many complex nonequilibrium systems, including turbulent flows, are characterized by chaotic dynamics, a large number of degrees of freedom, and hierarchical, multiscale structure in space and time. In two vignettes, we describe some recent work aimed at developing and applying machine learning and data science tools for systems displaying these characteristics. The first vignette builds […]

PICS Alumni Spotlight: “Whelton Miller”

The PICS alumni Spotlight is an opportunity for students to learn from and network with alumni.

PICS: “C++ Workshop”

The Penn Institute for Computational Science (PICS) is proud to host a C++ workshop on Saturday, October 17 from 10:00am – 3:30pm via Zoom. This one day workshop will teach students the basic skills needed to program in C++. We ask that anyone who attends has at least one year of prior programming experience in […]

PICS Seminar: “Scaling down the laws of thermodynamics”

Abstract: Thermodynamics provides a robust conceptual framework and set of laws that govern the exchange of energy and matter. Although these laws were originally articulated for macroscopic objects, nanoscale systems also exhibit “thermodynamic-like” behavior – for instance, biomolecular motors convert chemical fuel into mechanical work, and single molecules exhibit hysteresis when manipulated using optical tweezers. To […]

MEAM Seminar: “Operator Inference: Bridging Model Reduction and Scientific Machine Learning”

Model reduction methods have grown from the computational science community, with a focus on reducing high-dimensional models that arise from physics-based modeling, whereas machine learning has grown from the computer science community, with a focus on creating expressive models from black-box data streams. Yet recent years have seen an increased blending of the two perspectives […]

PICS Seminar: “Fusing machine learning and atomistic simulations for materials design”

Data-driven approaches match or outperform humans at a number of tasks, including pattern recognition in images and text or planning and strategy in rule-based games. The application of machine learning techniques is also promising for accelerating materials design. However, experimental data for training is typically scarce and sparse. The interplay between physics-based simulations and data-driven […]

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