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PICS Colloquium: “Network-Based Characterization, Modeling, and Control of Fluid Flows”

The network of interactions in a sea of vortices gives rise to the amazingly rich dynamics of fluid flows. To describe these interactions, we consider the use of mathematical tools from the emerging field of network science that is comprised of graph theory, dynamical systems, data science, and control theory. In this presentation, we discuss […]

MEAM Seminar: “Structure Preserving Reduced Order Models”

The development of reduced order models for complex applications promises rapid and accurate evaluation of the output of complex models under parameterized variation with applications to problems which require many evaluations, such as in optimization, control, uncertainty quantification and applications where near real-time response is needed. However, many challenges remain to secure the flexibility, robustness, […]

PICS Colloquium: “Workflows, Datasets and Models for Active Discovery in Catalysis”

Abstract: Machine learning accelerated catalyst discovery efforts has seen much progress in the last few years. Datasets of computational calculations have improved, models to connect surface structure with electronic structure or adsorption energies have gotten more sophisticated, and active learning exploration strategies are becoming routine in discovery efforts. However, there are several large challenges that […]

ODEI Spotlight: Sustaining Women’s Progress in STEM

Following Dean Kumar’s presentation, participants will break off into small groups to reflect on this topic and share their experiences as part of the overall discourse. The symposium finale will include a virtual tour of the Penn Innovation Center spotlighting female entrepreneurs at Penn.

ODEI Spotlight: Virtual Mental Wellness & Anti-Racism Workshop – Turning off the Gaslights and Illuminating Brave Spaces

To register and/or find out more about this event click here.

PICS Alumni Spotlight: Xiaoguai Li

On Wednesday, March 17 at 12:00 PICS will host an alumni spotlight featuring Xiaoguai Li, an alumni of Celia Reina’s group. Xiaoguai is currently employed as a Quantitative Modeler/Data Scientist at JPMorgan Chase & Co. Xiaoguai will share what she has learned since graduation and what advice she can offer to current students.

MEAM Seminar: “Control of Turbulent Wall Shear Flows and the Potential for ‘Designer Turbulence'”

The financial and environmental cost of turbulence is staggering: manage to quell turbulence in the thin boundary layers on the surface of a commercial airliner and you could almost halve the total aerodynamic drag, dramatically cutting fuel burn, emissions and cost of operation. Yet systems-level tools to model scale interactions or control turbulence remain relatively […]

ODEI Spotlight: Truth Telling, The Media, and Social Equity

Following Remarks by Penn President Amy Gutmann there will be a panel featuring: Andrea Mitchell – Chief Washington Correspondent and Chief Foreign Affairs Correspondent NBC News Jamil Smith – Emmy Award Winning Producer and Senior Writer Rolling Stone David Freedlander – Journalist and Author of The AOC Generation: How Millenials are Seizing Power and Rewriting […]

ODEI Event: Climate Change and Urban Resilience

Lolita Jackson, Eng ’89, has had distinguished careers in both finance and government. She currently serves as Special Advisor for Climate Policy & Programs in the NYC Mayor’s office and is also lead for the administration regarding global work on divestment and climate finance. In this talk she will describe how climate science has informed […]

ODEI Spotlight: Women of Color in Higher Education – Resilience and Empowerment Amidst Twin Pandemics

Penn Graduate School of Education’s Office of Student Services and Center for Professional Learning are excited to announce the Women of Color in Higher Education: Resilience and Empowerment Amidst Twin Pandemics Virtual Institute. This annual program is open to Penn Faculty, Staff, and Graduate Students who identify as a woman of color or non-binary person […]

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