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PICS Colloquium: “Deep Anomaly Detection using Coincident Learning”

Anomaly detection is a crucial task in the operation of complex systems such as industrial facilities, manufacturing plants, and large-scale science experiments. Failures in a sub-system can result in low […]

PICS Colloquium: “Building and using virtual models of the tricuspid valve toward better understanding, diagnosis, and treatment of its diseases”

Computer simulations have become critical elements of the medical device design and regulatory approval process. Naturally, the predictability and therefore value of such simulations depends highly on their accuracy. Especially […]

PICS/MEAM Seminar: “A Low Rank Tensor Approach for Nonlinear Vlasov Simulations”

In this work, we present a low-rank tensor approach for approximating solutions to the nonlinear Vlasov equation. Our method takes advantage of the tensor-friendly nature of the differential operators in […]

PICS Seminar: “Computational fluid dynamics for slurry rheology in flow battery and underlying drag-reduction mechanisms in turbulent flow control”

Email for the Zoom link. This talk will start by introducing diverse fluid-mechanics research conducted in the Park research group, including complex fluids, electrokinetics, biofluids, transition-to-turbulence, and turbulent flow. […]

PICS Seminar: “A Non-local Plasticity Model for Porous Metals with Deformation-induced Anisotropy: Mathematical and Computational Issues”

A non-local (gradient) plasticity model for porous metals that accounts for deformation-induced anisotropy is presented. The model is based on the work of Ponte Castañeda and co-workers on porous materials […]

PICS Colloquium: “Computation of Flow-Induced Sound at Low Mach Numbers”

Abstract: Flow-induced noise is a significant problem for air, road and marine vehicles as well as many other engineering applications.  At low Mach numbers, large disparities in energy levels and […]

PICS Colloquium: “Group-Theoretic Approach for Nonlinear Problems in Mechanics with High Symmetry Avoids Use of Imperfections”

Many interesting problems in nonlinear mechanics, from classical to more recent, pertain to applications with high initial symmetry: from the buckling of thin walled structures to the morphing in architected […]

PICS Colloquium: “From Molecular Vibrations to Solvation, Protein Dynamics and Models of the Cytoplasm”

Abstract: Vibrational spectroscopies at mid-infrared frequencies provide excellent probes to characterize functional groups and their immediate chemical environment. However, from a thermodynamic and dynamic point of view, only the ground […]

MEAM Seminar: “Open Access Benchmark Datasets and Metamodels for Problems in Mechanics”

Metamodels, or models of models, map defined model inputs to defined model outputs. When metamodels are constructed to be computationally cheap, they are an invaluable tool for applications ranging from […]

MEAM Seminar: “Disease Indicator Prediction in Vascular Flows via Physics-Informed Deep Learning”

Unlike diseases with strong genetic predisposition, such as cancer, there exist no accurate personalized diagnostic tools for disorders such as Hypertensive Pregnancy Disorders (HPD) and its mechanism remain understudied. For […]

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