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MSE Graduate Student Seminar

ESE Seminar: “Quantum Dot Plasmon Nanolasers”

Miniaturized light sources are critical for next-generation on-chip photonic devices. Plasmon-based lasers and surface plasmon amplified spontaneous emission of radiation (spasers) have received significant attention since their prediction over a decay over a decade ago. Major advances have included subwavelength footprint sizes, room-temperature operation, far-field emission directionality, and understanding of the lasing mechanism. Notably, one […]

MSE Seminar: “Interface Engineering in Nanoceramics”

Details forthcoming.

MSE Seminar: “Nano-Volumetric Materials Properties of Ferroelectrics and Photovoltaics via Tomographic AFM”

Nano- and meso- scale materials properties are crucial to the macroscopic performance of a wide range of functional and photovoltaic devices. In 2-dimensions, photoconductivity, ferroelectricity, and even domain dynamics have thus been investigated for decades now especially using variations of Atomic Force Microscopy. Our work and others reveals how these properties are frequently mediated by […]

MSE Seminar: “From Atom to System: Advanced Characterization for Next Generation Energy Storage Materials”

Seminar details forthcoming.

MSE Seminar: “Polymer Informatics: Current Status & Critical Next Steps”

The Materials Genome Initiative (MGI) has heralded a sea change in the philosophy of materials design. In an increasing number of applications, the successful deployment of novel materials has benefited from the use of computational, experimental and informatics methodologies. Here, we describe the role played by computational and experimental data generation and capture, polymer fingerprinting, […]

MSE Seminar: “The interplay between phase transformation and deformation mechanisms in multicomponent metal alloys”

Phase prediction in multicomponent alloys remains one of the most fundamental challenges. Navigating the vast compositional space of these alloys requires a predictive capability to efficiently guide alloy discovery and microstructure design. Recently, Dr. Ghazisaeidi has developed a Multicell Monte Carlo (MC)^2 method, based on first-principles calculations, to study phase formation in multicomponent alloys. This […]

MSE Seminar: “Characterization of Complex Eutectic Microstructures”

Eutectic phase transitions play an important role in many engineering materials, from cast iron to electronic solder. Regular binary eutectics are relatively straightforward and generally well understood, but the additional degree of freedom in three-component alloys introduces a far greater level of complexity, as three solid phases can form simultaneously from the melt. These ternary […]

MSE Seminar: “Predicting Properties of Structurally and Chemically Complex Materials using Physics-informed Statistical Learning”

To apply statistics and data science tools to aid computational designs of materials is under fast development. There are two unique aspects of the applications of these tools in materials science. First, the training sets are usually small. Second, physical mechanisms of material properties can be applied to facilitate the constructions of descriptors and statistics […]

MSE Seminar: “How to Care for Yourself While Navigating a Complex World”

As graduate students, it can be difficult to maintain a sense of balance throughout your academic career. There are often multiple demands on your time, from having a social life while performing well academically to maintaining your mental health and wellness. However, 2020 has brought unique challenges that include, managing a global pandemic, navigating issues […]

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