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CANCELLED: MEAM Seminar: “Modeling the Behavior of Shape Memory Alloy Structures”

I will present recent work on the modeling of the structural response of shape memory alloy tubes, bars, and beams. We have developed a new constitutive model that captures pseudoelastic transformation induced recoverable deformation in SMAs including the strong asymmetries in the tensile and compressive responses. Instead of introducing multiple conditions for forward phase transformation, […]

MSE Faculty Candidate Seminar: “Computational Materials Design from Synthesis to Functionality”

The concept of computational materials design envisions the identification of new synthetically-accessible structures with desirable properties and the optimization of known systems using first-principles calculations. While significant steps towards realizing this vision have been made, notably in atomistic property evaluation, the computational prediction of materials synthesis and realistic structure remains a challenge. Dr. Kitchaev will […]

MSE Faculty Candidate Seminar: “Uncovering atomistic mechanisms of crystallization using Machine Learning”

Solid-liquid interfaces have notoriously haphazard atomic environments. While essentially amorphous, the liquid has short-range order and heterogeneous dynamics. The crystal, albeit ordered, contains a plethora of defects ranging from adatoms to dislocation-created spiral steps. All these elements are of paramount importance in the crystal growth process, which makes the crystallization kinetics challenging to describe concisely […]

MSE Faculty Candidate Seminar: “Engineering non-equilibrium structure and functionality in complex solids”

Unique macroscopic phenomena, such as high-temperature superconductivity and colossal magnetoresistance, emerge in many complex solids due to the interplay between their electronic, magnetic, and structural degrees of freedom. This interplay also results in properties that can be tuned by manipulating their atomic structure and symmetry. In this talk, Dr. Disa will discuss two complementary “non-equilibrium” […]

MSE Faculty Candidate Seminar: “Atomically Thin Films and Superlattices”

Thin film materials and heterostructures play a key role in modern technology including electronics and photonics. Atomically precise engineering of thin film materials enables unprecedented control of their structure and properties, bringing exciting opportunities to materials science. Transition metal dichalcogenides (TMDs), which form three-atom-thick monolayers with van der Waals surfaces, provide an ideal material platform […]

MSE Faculty Candidate Seminar: “Unsupervised Learning of Dislocation Motion”

High-performance designs that utilize metallic alloys are driving a need to quantify deformation in-situ at the finest length scales in order to reduce weight, increase operating temperatures, and improve fatigue life. With improvements to data reconstruction algorithms, brighter X-ray sources, and more efficient detectors, these in-situ studies of microstructural and micromechanical evolution in 3-D (nm-µm […]

MSE Faculty Candidate Seminar: “Structure-property relations in hybrid 2D halide perovskites”

Two-dimensional (2D) hybrid organic-inorganic perovskites are under intense investigation due to their interesting physical properties and superior performance in thin-film based optoelectronic devices. The structural diversity embedded in the system provides a variety of parameters to target favorable properties for applications in photovoltaics (PV) and light emitting diodes (LEDs). In this talk, Dr. Mao will […]

MEAM Seminar: “Liquid Crystal Elastomers”

Liquid crystal elastomers are rubbery solids with liquid crystal mesogens incorporated into their main chains. They display an isotropic to nematic phase transformation accompanied by a large spontaneous deformation. This in turn leads to rich variety of phenomena including ultra-soft behavior, stripe domains, shape-morphing etc. Further, when made as slender structures, the structural instability of […]

MSE Faculty Candidate Seminar: “Defect Structure Process Maps for Laser Powder Bed Fusion Additive Manufacturing”

Additive manufacturing (AM) greatly expands the design freedom and near-net shape production of metallic components across multiple length scales. However, defects arising from starting materials, processing conditions, and post-processing may significantly affect the structural integrity and operational performance of metal AM parts. This paper seeks to elucidate common defects and defect formation mechanisms encountered in […]

MEAM Seminar: “Plate Mechanical Metamaterials and their Applications”

Recently, we introduced the concept of plate mechanical metamaterials—cellular plates with carefully controlled periodic geometry and unique mechanical properties—as well as its initial realization in the form of freestanding corrugated plates made out of an ultrathin film. We used atomic layer deposition (ALD) and microfabrication techniques to make robust plates out of a single continuous […]

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