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Penn Engineering Commencement: Undergraduate Ceremony

Celebrate the Penn Engineering Undergraduate Class of 2022. Additional information, including speakers and live-stream access is available here.

Penn Engineering Commencement: Master’s Ceremony

Celebrate the Penn Engineering 2022 Master’s Graduates. Additional information, including speakers and live-stream access is available here.

Penn Engineering Commencement: Doctoral Ceremony

Celebrate Penn Engineering’s 2022 Doctoral Graduates. Additional information, including speakers, live-stream access, and the reception following the ceremony, is available here.

Technology, Business & Government Distinguished Lecture: “NSF Engineering: Transforming our World for a Better Tomorrow”

Please join us for this distinguished lecture given by Dr. Susan Margulies, Assistant Director of NSF, Engineering Directorate. This event will be held in a hybrid format in the Wu and Chen Auditorium in Levine Hall (3330 Walnut Street). Virtual attendees can use this link to join us via Zoom. Meeting ID: 968 3913 1227 […]

Layer by Atomic Layer – MOCVD Growth for a Carbon Neutral Society: A Symposium to honor Dr. Russell Dupuis and Dr. Daniel Dapkus, recipients of the 2022 Benjamin Franklin Medal in Electrical Engineering

The School of Engineering and Applied Science is honored to co-sponsor, with Drexel University and the Franklin Institute, a symposium to honor the recipients of the 2022 Benjamin Franklin Medal in Electrical Engineering. Dr. Russell Dupuis and Dr. Daniel Dapkus join a list of many distinguished laureates of the Franklin Institute – of these over 90 […]

MSE Seminar: “Multiphoton Microscopy for Imaging Deeper, Wider, and Faster”

Multiphoton microscopy has changed how we visualize neurons by providing high-resolution, non-invasive imaging capability deep within intact brain tissue. Multiphoton imaging will likely play a major role in understanding how the brain works at the level of neural circuits. In this talk, in vivo structural and functional imaging of mouse brain using long wavelength excitation […]

MSE Seminar: “Role of Solvation and Dynamics on Ion Transport in Polymer Electrolytes”

Polymer electrolytes are an important class of ion conducting materials critical to enabling various electrochemical systems. Fundamentally, ion-polymer coordination, inter-connectivity of solvation sites, and corresponding ion-solvating polymer dynamics are critical in understanding the limits of ionic conductivity. Here, the importance of these effects is highlighted in a series of combined experimental and computational studies on […]

MSE Seminar: “Hierarchically Ordered Block Copolymer Materials via Nonequilibrium Processing”

The diversity and vastness in the types of properties of living systems, including enhanced mechanical properties of skin and bone, or responsive optical properties derived from structural coloration, are a result of the multiscale, hierarchical structure of the materials. The field of materials chemistry has leveraged equilibrium concepts to create complex materials seen in nature, […]

BE Seminar: “Engineered Systems for Controlling Cellular Microenvironments: From Synthetic Extracellular Matrices to Multidimensional Disease Models” (April M. Kloxin)

This seminar will be held in person and via zoom – check email for link. The properties of the microenvironment in which cells reside, from structure to mechanics and biochemical content, increasingly are recognized as important drivers of cell function and fate, including in the onset and progression of disease (e.g., late cancer recurrence and […]

BE Seminar: “Designer Matrices and Measurements of Cell-Matrix Remodeling” (Sarah Heilshorn)

UPDATE: This seminar will be virtual only via zoom – check email for zoom link or contact Cell-induced matrix remodeling is a hallmark of tissue development, disease, and regeneration. My lab has been developing biomaterials and matrix characterization methods to study these dynamic cell-matrix interactions. In designing our biomaterials, we employ protein engineering methods […]

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