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MSE Seminar: “VdW Heterostructures: A New Route to Designing Quantum Material” (Princeton University)

From superconductivity to fractionalized particles, fascinating phenomena arise in quantum materials due to the collective behaviors of electrons. These quantum effects challenge our understanding of nature and open up new […]

MSE Seminar: “Controlling Phase Separation in Elastomeric (Poly)peptides in the Production of Micro-and Nano-Structured Materials” (University of Delaware)

Macromolecular materials that are capable of selectively and efficiently localizing cells, factors, and/or drugs offer important approaches for mediating biological events and in the development of hybrid materials. We have […]

MSE Seminar: “‘Low Dimensional’ Rare-Earth-Free Permanent Magnetic Materials” (University of California, Riverside)

Critical elements such as rare-earth (RE) metals that are subject to supply risks and are incorporated in critical materials, play a central role in the function of these materials. They […]

MSE Seminar: “Interacting Opto-Moiré Quantum Matter” (University of Washington)

Moiré superlattices of two-dimensional (2D) materials are an emerging platform for studying new physical phenomena with high tunability. Strong excitonic responses in transition metal dichalcogenides (TMDs) allow optical access to […]

MSE Seminar: “Textile Materials for Soft Wearable Robotics” (Stanford University)

Wearable robots and devices—garments with embedded elements that actuate to change shape or apply forces to the wearer, typically based on signals from integrated sensors—offer promise for assistive and augmentative […]

MSE Seminar: “Fundamental Understanding of Mechanical Properties and Deformation Mechanisms of Emerging Complex Alloys Serving under Extreme Conditions” (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory)

The development of stronger and tougher materials serving under extreme conditions is a long-term goal of materials research that has been made even more urgent recently by our quests for […]

MSE Seminar: “Chemical Bonds in Topological Materials” (Princeton University)

Topological materials are solid-state compounds that have atypical charge carriers, often acting analogously to particles in high-energy physics. They are significant for both fundamental and applied science, with potential uses […]

MSE Seminar: “Design of Stable Nanocrystalline Alloys: Thermodynamics, Computation, and Data Science” (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)

Over the last three decades, nanocrystalline alloys (polycrystals with grain sizes of less than 100 nm) have been shown to exhibit superior material properties, such as enhanced specific strength, hardness, […]

MSE Seminar: “Bio-inspired Design, Mechanics, and Manufacturing of Architected Cementitious Materials”

Dr. Moini’s research is focused on bio-inspired design and development of architected materials using novel additive manufacturing processes and automated robotic technologies for applications in civil and energy infrastructure. His […]

MSE David P. Pope Distinguished Lecture: “Intelligentsia of Nano-Architected Hierarchical Materials”

  Creation of reconfigurable and multi-functional materials can be achieved by incorporating architecture into material design. In our research, we design and fabricate three-dimensional (3D) nano-architected materials that can exhibit […]

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