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Rigorous and Glamorous in 100 Words or Less: An Abstract Workshop

It’s hard to write an abstract. It’s harder to write a glamorous one that tells your story without overselling your results. Community for Rigor is here to help! Join Professor Konrad […]

2024 Celebration of Diversity

The Office of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion is hosting another Celebration of Diversity gala. The gathering is intended to showcase students, staff, and faculty from Penn Engineering in their cultural […]

MEAM Seminar: “Active Materials and Devices for Biomedical Applications”

In this talk, I will discuss our recent work in materials fabrication, manipulation, assembly, and manufacturing tailored towards biomedical and environmental applications. The focus is on active materials and devices […]

Research Impact Seminar – Bring Your Research Out of the Lab (Penn Engineering Entrepreneurship)

Learn how to commercialize your research and navigate Penn’s innovation ecosystem with Penn Engineering: Entrepreneurship. This is the first part of a series from Penn Engineering’s Entrepreneurship group. Featuring: Andrew […]

MSE Seminar: “The Surface Dynamics of the Initial Stages of CU Oxidation”

Much is known about oxygen interaction with metal surfaces and about the macroscopic growth of thermodynamically stable oxides. At present, however, the transient stages of oxidation – from nucleation of […]

MSE SEMINAR “Scalable Classical and Quantum Light Sources”

Classical and quantum light sources play a fundamental role in science and technology from quantum computing, to communications, manufacturing, defense, sensing, medicine, or imaging. However, scaling the power of lasers […]

This Seminar is currently Postponed. MSE Seminar: “Tuning Nanostructured Materials for Combustion Applications”

Metals powders like aluminum and boron are attractive potential fuel additives for pyrotechnics, propellants and explosives due to their high energy release upon oxidation. However, they tend to agglomerate, have […]

ESE Grace Hopper Lecture – “Disrupting NextG”

As 5G takes to the airwaves, we now turn our imagination to the next generation of wireless technology. The promise of this technology has created an international race to innovate, […]

Philly Materials Day

The event will take place at the Bossone Research Center on Drexel’s campus. More information, including sign ups, will be provided as the event draws closer.

MSE OPEN HOUSE: “Photonics: From Probing Fundamental Physics to Enabling Computing at the Speed of Light” Liang Feng, University of Pennsylvania

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