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MEAM Seminar: “Origami Micro, Bio, and Nanosystems “

Due to the inherent planarity of conventional micro and nanofabrication, it is challenging to pattern and assemble micro, bio, and nano-materials and devices in all three dimensions. Origami inspired mechanical assembly by curving, bending, and folding of appropriately designed micro and nanopatterned precursors provides a high-throughput solution to address this challenge. In this talk, I […]

Herman P. Schwan Distinguished Lecture: “Engineering human tissues for medical impact”

The classical paradigm of tissue engineering involves the integrated use of human stem cells, biomaterial scaffolds (providing a structural and logistic template for tissue formation) and bioreactors (providing environmental control, dynamic sequences of molecular and physical signaling, and insights into the structure and function of the forming tissues). This “biomimetic” approach results in an increasingly […]

MEAM Seminar: “Architecture in Biological Materials: A Template for Toughness Enhancement, or a Siren Song?”

Structural biological materials, such as animal bones and shells, display remarkable mechanical properties despite being composed of quite simple and ordinary constituent materials. For example, the toughness of nacre, a structural biological material found in the shells of some mollusks, is orders of magnitude higher than that of its primary constituent—the calcium based mineral aragonite. […]

BE Seminar: “Developing neuroengineering solutions of biomedical relevance using crayfish as a model system”

In my talk, I will first describe one of the main projects in my lab that investigates the underlying cellular-molecular mechanisms for changes in alcohol sensitivity of crayfish with different prior social experiences. In this context, I will explain why “simple” invertebrates may provide unique advantages for studying complex phenomena such as socially-dependent drug effects. […]

MEAM Seminar: “Mechanical Models for DNA”

We will discuss two complementary mechanical models for DNA that deal with, respectively two problems: one, phase transitions in a DNA molecule, and two, allosteric interactions between two ligands bound to DNA. Experimental studies on single molecules of DNA have reported a rich variety of cooperative structural transitions, including coexistence of three phases, when a […]

BE Doctoral Dissertation Defense: “Multi-scale Brain Responses in the Development of Persistent Osteoarthritic Temporomandibular Pain”

The Department of Bioengineering at the University of Pennsylvania and Drs. Eric Granquist and Beth Winkelstein are pleased to announce the Doctoral Dissertation Defense of Megan Sperry. The public is welcome to attend.

BE Doctoral Dissertation Defense: “Informing Neuromodulation Therapies with a Control-Theory Approach to Brain Network Plasticity”

The Department of Bioengineering at the University of Pennsylvania and Dr. Dani Bassett are pleased to announce the Doctoral Dissertation Defense of Andrew Murphy. The public is welcome to attend.

MEAM Seminar: “Microscale Robotic Wetware for Synthetic Biology”

Small-scale robotic systems have emerged as promising tools to perform a wide-range of tasks in microbiology and medicine such as targeted delivery, cell manipulation, environmental monitoring, and microassembly. In order to perform these tasks, the robot must execute precise locomotion, take measurements from its environment, and use those measurements to make decisions. However, unlike their […]

BE Seminar: Next Generation Orthobiologics: Advanced Growth Factor and Biomaterials Engineering

The standard of care for augmenting surgical bone repair or regeneration remains bone graft harvested from the patient despite a lack of sufficient quantity or quality of graft in many clinical cases.  Bone morphogenetic protein (BMP) therapeutics have been successfully developed and commercially marketed as substitutes for bone graft.  Although the clinical success of BMP, […]

Doctoral Dissertation Defense: “Method of MRI-Based Assessment of Cortical Bone Matrix and Mineral Properties in a Clinical Setting”

The Department of Bioengineering at the University of Pennsylvania and Drs. Hee Kwon Song & Felix Wehrli are pleased to announce the Doctoral Dissertation Defense of Xia Zhao. This event is open to the public.   Large conference room, 1st floor Founders Building, MRI Education Center, Department of Radiology, 3400 Spruce Street

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