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PSOC@Penn: “Microtubule Deacetylation Enables in vivo Collective Cell Migration by Tuning Cell Stiffness in Relation to Substrate Stiffness” (Abdul N. Malmi-Kakkada)

Room: Towne 225/Raisler Lounge For zoom link, contact

PICS Colloquium: “How reproducible is your research?”

Abstract: Each year vast international resources are wasted on irreproducible research. The scientific community has been slow to adopt standard software engineering practices, despite the increases in high-dimensional data, complexities of workflows, and computational environments. Here we show how scientific software applications can be created in a reproducible manner when simple design goals for reproducibility are […]

BE Seminar: “Material Design for Lymph Node Drug Delivery and Immunomodulation” (Susan Thomas)

This event will be held live and broadcast on zoom – link coming soon. Lymph nodes mediate the co-mingling of cells of the adaptive system to coordinate adaptive immune response. Drug delivery principles and technologies our group has developed to leverage the potential of lymph nodes as immunotherapeutic drug targets to augment anti-cancer therapeutic effects […]

PSOC@Penn Seminar: “Harnessing Biochemistry and Engineering to Visualize Metabolism” (Kayvan R. Keshari)

Oncogenic transformation has been shown to have a dramatic impact on the metabolic state of the cell. Recent reports have demonstrated that specific alterations in oncogenes and signaling pathways results in increases in pathway flux as well as diversion of substrates. Moreover, there is an argument that changes in metabolism can directly affect cell fate […]

PSOC@Penn Seminar: “Glycosaminoglycans Modulate Long-Range Mechanical Communication Between Cells in Collagen Networks” (Xingyu Chen)

Room: Towne 225/Raisler Lounge For zoom link, contact

BE Doctoral Dissertation Defense: “Evaluating the Efficacy of Prone Position and Therapeutic Treatments in ARDS Lungs Using Computed Tomography” (Yi Xin)

The Department of Bioengineering at the University of Pennsylvania and Dr. Rahim Rizi are pleased to announce the Doctoral Dissertation Defense of Yi Xin. Title: Evaluating the Efficacy of Prone Position and Therapeutic Treatments in ARDS Lungs Using Computed Tomography Date: September 17, 2021 Time: 3:00pm Location: Donner-Grice Auditorium (HUP Dulles Building 2nd floor) and via […]

PICS Colloquium: “Protein dynamics and energy landscape engineering”

Abstract: Experiments only reveal a few of a protein’s structures with the atomic detail required to rationally engineer mutations and drugs. However, a protein actually has a vast landscape of uncharted conformations that present untapped opportunities for manipulating its function. My lab is developing simulation methods, called Markov state models (MSMs), that provide unprecedented access […]

BE Seminar: “Regenerative Engineering: Enabling Regenerative Medicine” (Guillermo Ameer)

This seminar will be held live and broadcast via zoom – check your email for link or contact Regenerative engineering is the convergence of advances in materials science, physical sciences, stem cell and developmental biology, and translational medicine to develop tools that enable the regeneration and reconstruction of tissue and organ function. I will […]

Technology, Business and Government Lecture: Arvind Krishna, Chairman and CEO, IBM

You can view the recording of this event with this link: Zoom link

BE Seminar: “Dynamics of 3D Cell Migration and Organ Formation” (Kenneth Yamada)

This event will be held virtually on zoom – link coming soon. Real-time microscopy of the dynamics of cells and tissues in 3D environments is opening new windows to understanding the biophysical mechanisms of complex biological processes. Direct visualization is allowing us to explore fundamental questions in more depth that include: How do cells migrate […]

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