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PICS Colloquium: “The Virtual Pregnancy: Using Computational Models to Probe Human Reproduction”

  Preterm birth affects approximately ten percent of pregnancies and rates of maternal mortality in the US are rising. Computational investigations of pregnancy have great potential to explore fundamental aspects […]

CBE Seminar: “Revolutionizing Bioimaging to Elevate Human Health”

Holistic imaging of diverse functional, anatomical, and molecular architecture that span multiple levels, from cells to an entire system, remains a major challenge in biology. In this talk, I will […]

CBE Seminar: “Facile Synthesis of Polymeric Nanomaterials via Chemical Vapor Deposition Techniques” (Yang, Cornell)

Polymer is often considered one of the most prevalent materials in the modern age. While it has been predominantly synthesized in solution and processed into a variety of macroscopic sizes […]

CBE Seminar: “Energetic Constraints on Biological Assembly and Motion” (Murrell, Yale)

On small length-scales, the mechanics of soft materials may be dominated by their interfacial properties as opposed to their bulk properties. These effects are described by equilibrium models of elasto-capillarity […]

CBE Seminar: “Fabrication and Long-term Reliability of High Efficiency Monocrystalline Silicon Solar Cells” (Agarwal, Colorado School of Mines)

Global energy demand will continue to increase, and the ability of fossil fuels to meet these demands is limited due to the associated climate change concerns. In response to these […]

CBE Seminar: Britton Chance Distinguished Lecture, “A Language Whose Characters are Triangles” (Phillips, California Institute of Technology)

One of the most intriguing outcomes of casting our thinking about the world around us in mathematical terms is that phenomena that were thought to be quite distinct are instead […]

CBE Seminar: “Transformer-based Hybrid Modeling and Control of Evolving, Nonlinear Processes” (Kwon, Texas A&M University)

Traditionally, the dynamic modeling of chemical processes has relied on first-principles models grounded in fundamental physics and chemistry laws. These models, primarily formulated through differential equations with constant parameters, enable […]

CBE Seminar: “Statistical Teleodynamics: A Unified Theory of Emergent Arbitrage Equilibrium Phenomena in Active and Passive Matter” (Venkatasubramanian, Columbia University)

The physics of active matter, such as bacterial colonies and bird flocks, exhibiting interesting self-organizing dynamical behavior has gained considerable importance in recent years. Recent theoretical advances use techniques from […]

CBE Seminar: “Improving the Sustainability of Solvent-Borne Paints and Coatings through Fundamental Studies of Polymerization Reactions” (Soroush, Drexel University)

The global market size of paints and coatings (P&C) was US$164 Billion in 2022 and is forecast to grow to US$241Billion by 2030. A fast-growing sector in the P&C industries […]

CBE Seminar: “Structure-Independent Peptide Binder Design via Generative Language Models” (Chatterjee, Duke University)

The ability to modulate pathogenic proteins represents a powerful treatment strategy for diseases. Unfortunately, many proteins are considered “undruggable” by small molecules, and are often intrinsically disordered, precluding the usage […]

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