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BE Seminar: “Dynamics of 3D Cell Migration and Organ Formation” (Kenneth Yamada)

This event will be held virtually on zoom – link coming soon. Real-time microscopy of the dynamics of cells and tissues in 3D environments is opening new windows to understanding the biophysical mechanisms of complex biological processes. Direct visualization is allowing us to explore fundamental questions in more depth that include: How do cells migrate […]

BE Seminar: “Synthetic Biochemistry: Engineering Molecules and Pathways for Precision Medicine” (Michael Lin)

Update 9/2/21: Unfortunately due to the flooding in Philadelphia we will not be able to hold this seminar on campus. Check your email for the zoom link or contact The most effective medicines are those that target the earliest causes of disease, rather than later manifestations. Engineering of biomolecules is a promising but underexplored […]

BE Doctoral Dissertation: “Quantitative Methods for Guiding Epilepsy Surgery from Intracranial EEG” (John Bernabei)

The Department of Bioengineering at the University of Pennsylvania and Dr. Brian Litt are pleased to announce the Doctoral Dissertation Defense of John Bernabei. Title: Quantitative methods for guiding epilepsy surgery from intracranial EEG Date: August 2, 2021 Time: 1:30 PM  Location: 337 Towne Building   The defense will also be available via zoom at the link […]

PSOC Webinar: Indrajit Tah & David Li

Join Zoom Meeting: Meeting ID: 993 3491 5941 Passcode: 189247 PSOC@Penn Summer Webinars 2021 Contact with any questions Indrajit Tah 12:00-12:30 PM David Li 12:30-1:00 PM

BE Doctoral Dissertation: “Development and Evaluation of Next Generation Tomosynthesis” (Trevor Vent)

The Department of Bioengineering at the University of Pennsylvania and Dr. Andrew Maidment are pleased to announce the Doctoral Dissertation Defense of Trevor Vent. Title: “Development and Evaluation of Next Generation Tomosynthesis” The public is welcome to attend. This event will be held both in person and on zoom. Zoom link Meeting ID: 993 7019 […]

MEAM Special Seminar: “Differences in Material Properties of Trabecular Bone Tissue from Modeling- and Remodeling-Based Bone Formation in Rats”

Bone undergoes continuous changes during life through processes of bone modeling and remodeling. Modeling-based bone formation (MBF) i.e. bone formation without prior activation of osteoclastic resorption, only occurs during growth, healing, and in response to external mechanical loading. Remodeling-based bone formation (RBF), which is tightly coupled with bone resorption by osteoclasts, plays a predominant role […]

MEAM Seminar: “Nanoparticle Heating for Therapeutics, Regenerative Medicine and Diagnostics”

Gold and iron oxide nanoparticles have unique and tunable properties that allow transduction of optical (light), or radiofrequency (RF) electromagnetic fields to affect heating of biomaterials at multiple scales. This talk will explore the underlying physics and relative advantages of each form of nanoparticle heating for therapeutic treatment of cancer or other disease by heating […]

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