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CIS Grace Hopper Distinguished Lecture: “AGI is Coming… Is HCI Ready?”

We are at a transformational junction in computing, in the midst of an explosion in capabilities of foundational AI models that may soon match or exceed typical human abilities for […]

CIS Seminar: “Diffusion Models in Computer Vision”

Denoising diffusion models represent a recent emerging topic in computer vision, demonstrating impressive results in generative modeling. A diffusion model is a deep generative model that is based on two […]

CIS Seminar: “Mitigating Technology Abuse in Intimate Partner Violence and Encrypted Messaging”

Computer security is traditionally about the protection of technology, whereas trust and safety efforts focus on preventing technology abuse from harming people. In this talk, I’ll explore the interplay between […]

CIS Seminar: “Edge-Weighted Online Bipartite Matching”

Online bipartite matching is one of the most fundamental problems in the online algorithms literature. Karp, Vazirani, and Vazirani (STOC 1990) gave an elegant algorithm for unweighted bipartite matching that […]

Joseph Bordogna Forum: Dr. Erika H. James, Dean of The Wharton School

Please save the date to join us for this annual distinguished lecture.  The Joseph Bordogna Forum will foster conversation and debate regarding important issues at the nexus of technology and […]

CIS Seminar: “Intrinsic images, lighting and relighting without any labeling”

I will show the results of simple experiments that suggest that very good modern depth and normal predictors are strongly sensitive to lighting – if you relight a scene in […]

CIS Seminar: “Intrinsic images, lighting and relighting without any labelling”

Intrinsic images are maps of surface properties. A classical problem is to recover an intrinsic image, typically a map of surface lightness, from an image.   The topic has mostly […]

CIS Seminar: “Modeling Atoms to Address Our Climate Crisis”

Climate change is a societal and political problem whose impact could be mitigated by technology. Underlying many of its technical challenges is a surprisingly simple yet challenging problem; modeling the […]

ASSET Seminar: Atlas Wang (University of Texas at Austin)

ASSET Seminar: Mark Dredze (Johns Hopkins University)

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