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Technology, Business and Government Lecture: Arvind Krishna, Chairman and CEO, IBM

You can view the recording of this event with this link: Zoom link

Penn Engineering Commencement: Undergraduate and Master’s Virtual Recognition

Join us to hear a message from Dr. Vijay Kumar, Nemirovsky Family Dean of Penn Engineering, remarks from student speakers and respected alumni, and messages from professors and parents. In addition, we will host a virtual roll call for the Class of 2021 undergraduate and master’s graduates and each student will be recognized with their […]

Penn Engineering Commencement: Doctoral Ceremony Virtual Recognition

Join us to hear a message from Dr. Vijay Kumar, Nemirovsky Family Dean of Penn Engineering, and view a virtual roll call of the Class of 2021 doctoral graduates, complete with video messages from our graduates and members of the Penn Engineering faculty. Learn more.

CIS Seminar: “Learning with Label Noise: A Progressive Approach”

The Machine Learning Research team at Morgan Stanley invites Penn students pursuing any degree type or major to participate in an interactive research talk by Dr. Yikai Zhang. The event will include a brief introduction to ML Research at Morgan Stanley by the Head of the Machine Learning Center of Excellence, Dr. Yuriy Nevmyvaka. ABSTRACT: Label noise is ubiquitous […]

CIS Seminar: “Exploiting latent structure and bisimulation metrics for better generalization in reinforcement learning”

The advent of deep learning has shepherded unprecedented progress in various fields of machine learning. Despite recent advances in deep reinforcement learning (RL) algorithms, however, there is no method today that exhibits anywhere near the generalization that we have seen in computer vision and NLP. Indeed, one might ask whether deep RL algorithms are even […]

CIS Seminar: “Digital humans that move, interact, express, and feel, just like us!”

The creation of intelligent virtual agents (IVAs) or digital humans is vital for many virtual and augmented reality systems. As the world increasingly uses digital and virtual platforms for everyday communication and interactions, there is a heightened need to create human-like virtual avatars and agents endowed with social and emotional intelligence. Interactions between humans and […]

CIS Diversity Summit

Help make CIS a supportive and welcoming environment. All students, faculty, staff and postdocs are invited. Summit themes include increasing community in CIS; peer collaboration; how faculty can help; how to respond to microaggressions and implicit bias–both victims and bystanders; the value of a diverse TA force; productive TA-Student interaction. Zoom link:

CIS Seminar: “AI for Population Health: Melding Data and Algorithms on Networks”

As exemplified by the COVID-19 pandemic, our health and wellbeing depend on a difficult-to-measure web of societal factors and individual behaviors. My research aims to build AI which can impact such social challenges, advancing health and equity on a population level. This effort requires new algorithmic and data-driven paradigms which span the full process of gathering costly data, developing machine learning models to understand […]

CIS Seminar: “Human-Centered Interactive Systems for Configuring, Extending, and Developing AI Applications”

Artificial intelligence (AI) technologies are emerging and affecting our lives in many aspects. However, the majority of individuals are merely users of AI with little capability to adapt AI to their own long-tail tasks, preferences, and interests that are not covered by the existing AI solutions. Democratizing AI to empower the individuals to create, configure, […]

CIS Seminar: “Bridging Learning and Decision Making”

Machine learning is becoming widely used in decision making, in domains ranging from personalized medicine and mobile health to online education and recommendation systems. While (supervised) machine learning traditionally excels at prediction problems, decision making requires answering questions that are counterfactual in nature, and ignoring this mismatch leads to unreliable decisions. As a consequence, our […]

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