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CIS Seminar: “Visualization for People + Systems”

Abstract: While computers can help us manage data, human judgment and domain expertise is what turns it into understanding. Meeting the challenges of increasingly large and complex data requires methods that richly integrate the capabilities of both people and machines. In response to these challenges, my research combines methods from visualization, data management, human-computer interaction, […]

CIS Seminar: “Made to Order: Verifying Correctness and Security of Hardware through Event Orderings”

Correctness and security problems in modern computer systems can result from problematic hardware event orderings and interleavings during an application’s execution. Since hardware designs are complex and since a single user-facing instruction can exhibit a variety of different hardware execution sequences, analyzing and verifying systems for correct event orderings is challenging. My work addresses these […]

CIS Seminar: “What Should We Do With Persistent Main Memory?”

Memory systems are on the verge of a renaissance: Scalable, persistent main memories (e.g., Intel’s 3DXPoint) are the first new technology to enter the upper layers of the memory hierarchy in 50 years. They bring a fundamentally new capability (i.e., persistence), a dramatic increase in capacity, and an array of complications (e.g., asymmetric read and […]

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