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PSOC Seminar: Denise Montell, University of California, Santa Barbara

PSOC@Penn Seminar, Wednesday Nov 29th   ** New Location ** DRL 2N3 2N3 conference/seminar room is in DRL 2nd floor towards end of hallway that parallels Walnut St -Noon – […]

PSOC@Penn Seminar: Geng-Yuan “Scott” Chen & Alisya Anlas

Bioengineering/Biology Seminar: “New tools for multi-modal precision measurement of single cells” (Aaron Streets)

This hybrid seminar is co-hosted by the Departments of Bioengineering and Biology. Check email for the zoom link or contact The study of biology at the single-cell level has […]

BE Seminar: “Intratumoral Immunotherapy Principles and Practice” (Noor Momin)

This seminar will be held live and broadcast on zoom – check email for zoom link or contact Immunotherapies harness the body’s immune system to fight disease. Such therapies […]

PSOC@Penn Seminar: ” “Bottom-up synthetic embryology for understanding early human development” (Jianping Fu, PhD)

Physical Sciences in Oncology Center PSOC@Penn Spring 2022 Hybrid-Seminar Series Towne 225 / Raisler Lounge @ Noon (EST) For Zoom link , please contact

PSOC Webinar: Geng-Yuan “Scott” Chen & Ze Gong

Join Zoom Meeting: Meeting ID: 993 3491 5941 Passcode: 189247 PSOC@Penn Summer Webinars 2021 Contact with any questions Scott Chen 12:00-12:30 PM Ze Gong 12:30-1:00 PM

MEAM Seminar: “Data-driven Discovery of Governing Physical Laws in Engineering, Physics, and Biology”

A major challenge in the study of dynamical systems is that of model discovery: turning data into models that are not just predictive, but provide insight into the nature of […]

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