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ASSET Seminar: Atlas Wang (University of Texas at Austin)

ASSET Seminar: Mark Dredze (Johns Hopkins University)

ASSET Seminar: Himabindu Lakkaraju (Harvard University)

ASSET Seminar: Polina Golland (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)

ASSET Seminar: “Robust Machine Learning with Foundation Models” (Aditi Raghunathan, Carnegie Mellon University)

ABSTRACT: In recent years, foundation models—large pretrained models that can be adapted for a wide range of tasks—have achieved state-of-the-art performance on a variety of tasks. While the pretrained models […]

ASSET Seminar: “Inherent Interpretability via Language Model Guided Bottleneck Design” (Mark Yatskar, Penn)

ABSTRACT: As deep learning systems improve, their applicability to critical domains is hampered because of a lack of transparency. Post-hoc explanations attempt to address this concern but they provide no […]

ASSET Seminar: “What Constitutes a Good Explanation?” (Lyle Ungar, Penn)

ABSTRACT:  Shapley values and similar methods are widely used to explain the importance of features in model predictions. Clarity in the semantics of these feature importances is subtle, but crucial: […]

ASSET Seminar: “The Future of Algorithm Auditing is Sociotechnical” (Danaë Metaxa, Penn)

ABSTRACT:  Algorithm audits are powerful tools for studying black-box systems without direct knowledge of those systems’ inner workings. While they have been effectively deployed to identify harms and biases in […]

ASSET Seminar: “Copyright, Machine Learning Research, and the Generative-AI Supply Chain” (A. Feder Cooper, Cornell University)

ABSTRACT: “Does generative AI infringe copyright?” is an urgent question. It is also a difficult question, for two reasons. First, “generative AI” is not just one product from one company. […]

ASSET Seminar: “Towards a Design Flow for Verified AI-Based Autonomy” (Sajit A. Seshia, University of California, Berkeley)

ABSTRACT: Verified artificial intelligence (AI) is the goal of designing AI-based systems that have strong, ideally provable, assurances of correctness with respect to formally specified requirements. This talk will review […]

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