PICS Colloquium: “From Molecular Vibrations to Solvation, Protein Dynamics and Models of the Cytoplasm”

PICS Conference Room 534 - A Wing , 5th Floor 3401 Walnut Street, Philadelphia, PA

Abstract: Vibrational spectroscopies at mid-infrared frequencies provide excellent probes to characterize functional groups and their immediate chemical environment. However, from a thermodynamic and dynamic point of view, only the ground state of these vibrations is significantly populated. Most of the “jiggling and wiggling” of atoms and molecules (referred to in the famous quote by Feynman) […]

CBE/BE Seminar: “Targeting Sugars for Immunotherapy in Cancer and Beyond” (Jessica Stark, Stanford)

Wu and Chen Auditorium (Room 101), Levine Hall 3330 Walnut Street, Philadelphia, PA

Co-hosted by the Departments of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering & Bioengineering. New paradigms to harness the immune system are urgently needed to address unmet needs in human health. I am working to understand and engineer glycoimmunology – the roles of sugars, or glycans, in the immune system – to bridge this gap. During my PhD, […]

BE Seminar: “Probing Metabolism Across Scales” (Yihui Shen, Princeton University)

Raisler Lounge (Room 225), Towne Building 220 South 33rd Street, Philadelphia, PA

Metabolism supports the biosynthetic and energetic demand of all living creatures. Over decades, we have accumulated knowledge of how individual enzymes work in vitro, but we don’t have a good sense about how they work together in vivo. Thus, fundamental to our understanding of metabolic operation is the ability to measure metabolic activity in vivo. […]

Joseph Bordogna Forum: Dr. Gary May, Chancellor of UC-Davis

Wu and Chen Auditorium (Room 101), Levine Hall 3330 Walnut Street, Philadelphia, PA

Please save the date to join us for this annual distinguished lecture.  The Joseph Bordogna Forum will foster conversation and debate regarding important issues at the nexus of technology and society. It will feature lectures and panel discussions on a wide range of contemporary issues that are central to engineering including diversity and inclusion, the […]

BE Seminar: “Building Tissues: Engineering Complexity Through Biomaterial Design” (Brendan Harley, University of Illinois)

Glandt Forum, Singh Center for Nanotechnology 3205 Walnut Street, Philadelphia, PA

Advances in the fields of tissue engineering and regenerative medicine require biomaterials that instruct, rather than simply permit, a desired cellular response. A major challenge to progress in our field is the complex organization of the tissues in our bodies, which are hierarchical, vary in space and time, and can differ person-to person. Prof. Harley’s […]