ESE Seminar: “A New Era of Open-Source System-on-Chip Design”

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Open-source software has been a critical enabler for tremendous innovation in the software ecosystem over the past two decades. Inspired by this success, open-source hardware involves making the high-level description of hardware components freely available for others to study, change, distribute, and ultimately use in fabricating their own hardware components. Unfortunately, open-source hardware has had […]

ESE Seminar: “Quantum Dot Plasmon Nanolasers”

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Miniaturized light sources are critical for next-generation on-chip photonic devices. Plasmon-based lasers and surface plasmon amplified spontaneous emission of radiation (spasers) have received significant attention since their prediction over a decay over a decade ago. Major advances have included subwavelength footprint sizes, room-temperature operation, far-field emission directionality, and understanding of the lasing mechanism. Notably, one […]

ESE Seminar: “The Role of Explicit Regularization in Overparameterized Neural Networks”

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Overparameterized neural networks have proved to be remarkably successful in many complex tasks such as image classification and deep reinforcement learning. In this talk, we will consider the role of explicit regularization in training overparameterized neural networks. Specifically, we consider ReLU networks and show that the landscape of commonly used regularized loss functions have the […]

ESE Seminar: “Learning is Pruning”

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The strong lottery ticket hypothesis (LTH) postulates that any neural network can be approximated by simply pruning a sufficiently larger network of random weights. Recent work establishes that the strong LTH is true if the random network to be pruned is a large poly-factor wider than the target one. This polynomial over-parameterization is at odds with […]

CIS Seminar: “Learning with Label Noise: A Progressive Approach”


The Machine Learning Research team at Morgan Stanley invites Penn students pursuing any degree type or major to participate in an interactive research talk by Dr. Yikai Zhang. The event will include a brief introduction to ML Research at Morgan Stanley by the Head of the Machine Learning Center of Excellence, Dr. Yuriy Nevmyvaka. ABSTRACT: Label noise is ubiquitous […]

Keeping Up the Good Work: Honoring 40 Years of Excellence in Diversity

Heilmeier Hall (Room 100), Towne Building 220 South 33rd Street, Philadelphia, PA

This year marks the 40th anniversary of Penn Engineering's diversity efforts and we invite you to join us on Friday, December 3, at 3:00 p.m. EST to celebrate Penn Engineering’s new Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (ODEI), formerly known as the Office of Minority Programs. We plan to meet in Heilmeier Hall (Towne 100) […]

Penn Engineering Commencement: Undergraduate Ceremony

Palestra 223 South 33rd Street, Philadelphia, PA

Celebrate the Penn Engineering Undergraduate Class of 2022. Additional information, including speakers and live-stream access is available here.

BE Undergraduate Student Focus Group

Attention BE Master’s Students! We want your thoughts on the job search! Sign up for this upcoming focus group to give us your opinion on industries of interest, employers & recruiting events. Register now: Contact Lauren Kemp with any questions: