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CBE and Physics Joint Seminar: “Structuring Matter Over Multiple Length Scales Using the Self-assembly of Colloidal Particles”

The Joy of Being Faculty: How to Apply for a Faculty Position

This professional development workshop is designed to provide Penn Engineering graduate students and postdocs with a richer understanding of what it is like to pursue a career in academia from those that have navigated the process successfully. Deputy Dean Kathleen J. Stebe (SEAS) will lead this extemporaneous panel discussions with a mix of both tenured […]

CBE Seminar: “C4E-Computational Chemistry of Compounds for Catalysis and Energy”

CBE Seminar: “Particle Transport in Soft, Disordered Media”

MEAM Seminar: “Force, Shape, and Motion in Collective Cell Migration”

Cells migrate collectively to form tissues, to heal wounds, and, in cancer, to metastasize. During these biological processes, the collective migration exhibits a transition from a solid-like state, wherein cell positions remain fixed, to a fluid-like state, wherein cells flow freely and rearrange their positions with their neighbors. Recent mechanics-based models and experiments have demonstrated […]

John A. Quinn Distinguished Lecture: “Some Uses and Misuses of Equilibrium Thermodynamics”

We will discuss a number of legitimate and of wrongful applications of the Second Law of Thermodynamics, in particular, in the screening of chemical processes. We consider how ideas of equilibrium thermodynamics and statistical mechanics can be of value in some non-equilibrium situations, particularly in the cases of very slow diffusion and reaction.

PSOC Spring 2019 Seminar Series: Alexander Anderson, Ph.D.

PICS Seminar: “Coupled Multiphysics Models of Cardiac Hemodynamics: From Fundamental Insights to Clinical Translation”

  Abstract: The mammalian heart has been sculpted by millions of years of evolution into a flow pump par excellence. During the typical lifetime of a human, the heart will beat over three billion times and pump enough blood to fill over 60 Olympic-sized swimming pools. Each of these billions of cardiac cycles is itself a […]

CBE Seminar: “Predicting and Controlling Stability and Protein-Protein Interactions for Therapeutic Antibodies”

PSOC Spring 2019 Seminar Series: Theresa Whitehead, Ph.D.

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