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Calendar of Events
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PSOC@Penn Seminar: Keshav Patil

MEAM Seminar: “Biomimetic Design of Marine Robots and Sensors”

ESE Spring Seminar – “New Frontiers in Quantum Simulation and Computation with Neutral Atom Arrays”

Herman P. Schwan Distinguished Lecture: “Nucleoside-modified mRNA-LNP therapeutics” (Drew Weissman, Perelman School of Medicine)

ESE Spring Seminar – “Building Photonic Systems for Extreme-Scale Computing, Particle Accelerations, and Beyond”

Spring 2022 GRASP SFI: Rahul Mangharam, University of Pennsylvania, “Balancing Performance and Safety in Autonomous Vehicles”

CBE Seminar: “Understanding and Designing Complex Materials to Stabilize Proteins and Enable Supra-Biological Properties”

ESE Spring Seminar – “From Exact Laws to Design Principles of Quantum Information Machines”

BE Seminar: “Engineered Systems for Controlling Cellular Microenvironments: From Synthetic Extracellular Matrices to Multidimensional Disease Models” (April M. Kloxin)

CIS Seminar: “Towards a Foundation for Reinforcement Learning”

GRASP on Robotics: Kevin Lynch, Northwestern University, “Robot manipulation research in the Center for Robotics and Biosystems”

PICS Colloquium: “Preserving microscale features in continuum models of fiber network materials”


GRASP Seminar: Robert J. Wood, Harvard University, “Soft robotics for delicate and dexterous manipulation”

PSOC@Penn: “A Biomechanical Approach that Differentially Regulates Thrombosis and Hemostasis from the Atomic Level” (Yunfeng Chen, PhD)

MEAM Seminar: “From Mollusk Shells to Dense Architectured Materials to Granular Crystals: How Building Blocks and Weak Interfaces Create High Mechanical Performance”

ESE Spring Seminar – “Emergent Active Photonic Platforms for Next-Generation Mid-Infrared and Ultrafast Photonics”

MEAM Ph.D. Thesis Defense: “Deep Learning and Uncertainty Quantification: Methodologies and Applications”

Spring 2022 GRASP SFI: Jason Ma, University of Pennsylvania, “Beyond Expected Reward in Offline Reinforcement Learning”

CBE Seminar: “Processive-Cleavage and Functionalization-Cleavage for Deconstruction of Polyolefins”

MSE Seminar: “Hierarchically Ordered Block Copolymer Materials via Nonequilibrium Processing”

ESE Spring Seminar – “Minimally Invasive and Chronically Stable Brain-Machine Interface”

BE Seminar: “Analysis of High-content Genomic Screening Data with Large-scale Optical Pooled Screens” (Paul Blainey, MIT)

GRASP on Robotics: Jing Xiao, Worcester Polytechnic Institute, “Perception-Action Synergy in Uncertain Environments”

ESE Spring Seminar – “End-to-end Learning for Robust Decision Making”

PICS Colloquium “The Dynamics of Gas-Particle Partitioning: Insights from Laboratory, Field, and Modeling studies”


MEAM Ph.D. Thesis Defense: “Relationships Between Structure, Dynamics, and Flow in Sheared Amorphous Materials”

PSOC@Penn Seminar: Morgan Huse, PhD

CBE PhD Dissertation Defense | “Understanding the relationship between clot contraction and platelet biology under hemodynamic conditions”

MEAM Seminar: “The Statistical Mechanics of Granular Clogging”

CBE PhD Dissertation Defense | “The role of clot structure and mechanics on hemodynamics and pharmacology”

MEAM Ph.D. Thesis Defense: “Metal and Air Generate Power for Robots”

Cell Mechanics Discussion Group

Spring 2022 GRASP SFI: Georgios Georgakis, University of Pennsylvania, “Cross-modal Map Learning for Vision and Language Navigation”

CBE Seminar: John A. Quinn Distinguished Lecture – “Molecular and Colloidal Interactions in Water”

MSE Seminar: “Role of Solvation and Dynamics on Ion Transport in Polymer Electrolytes”

GRASP Special Seminar: Steven Ceron, Cornell University, “Swarms Across Length Scales with Local-to-Global Behaviors”

MEAM Seminar: “Exploiting Environmental Fields for Orienteering and Planning Problems”

GRASP on Robotics: Vincent Sitzmann, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, “Self-supervised Scene Representation Learning for Robotics”

BE Doctoral Dissertation Defense: “Leveraging Macrophage Immune Checkpoint Blockade to Link Innate and Adaptive Immunity Against Solid Tumors” (Jason Andrechak)

PICS Colloquium: “Transforming Healthcare from the Outside: the OBSERVER project”


PSOC@Penn Seminar

Tedori-Callinan Distinguished Lecture: “Multiscale Hierarchical Modeling and Thermal Management of Electrification Technologies”

SEAS Green Team Book Swap & E-Waste Collection

ESE Ph.D. Thesis Defense: “Extracting Generalizable Hierarchical Patterns of Functional Connectivity in the Brain”

CEMB Future Leaders: “Plant homologs of PIEZO mechanosensitive ion channels localize to the tonoplast and affect vacuolar morphology”

BE Doctoral Dissertation Defense: “Biglycan regulation of regional tendon development via the pericellular matrix” (Ryan Leiphart)

Cobb’s Creek Tour

MSE Seminar: “Multiphoton Microscopy for Imaging Deeper, Wider, and Faster”

BE Doctoral Dissertation Defense: “Engineering injectable, radiopaque hydrogels for X-ray imaging and therapeutic delivery for cancer treatments” (Clara Dong)

MEAM Ph.D. Thesis Defense: “Some Investigations of Phase Transitions in Rod-like Macro-molecules and Fibrous Gels”

GRASP on Robotics: Katherine Kuchenbecker, Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems, “Haptics and Physical Human-Robot Interaction”

Bioengineering Graduate Research Symposium

Earth Week Cleanup


BE Doctoral Dissertation Defense: “Remote Field Guided Assembly of Complex Orthopaedic Tissues” (Hannah Zlotnick)

PSOC@Penn Seminar: ” “Bottom-up synthetic embryology for understanding early human development” (Jianping Fu, PhD)

BE Doctoral Dissertation Defense: “Human tissue-engineered nigrostriatal pathway encased in hyaluronic acid for axon tract reconstruction in Parkinson’s disease” (Wisberty Gordián Vélez)

MEAM Seminar: “Towards Personalized Predictive Human Models”

Spring 2022 GRASP SFI: Youngwoon Lee, University of Southern California, “Scaling Robot Learning with Skills: Towards Furniture Assembly and Beyond”


MEAM Ph.D. Thesis Defense: “Social Robot Augmented Telepresence for Remote Assessment and Rehabilitation of Patients with Upper Extremity Impairment”

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