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Calendar of Events
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BE Doctoral Dissertation: “Biophysical dynamics of RGS-LOV proteins as systems for light-induced membrane recruitment” (Ivan Kuznetsov)

PSOC Webinar: Kuangzheng (Peter) Zhu

ODEI Spotlight: SAC Fall Activities Fair

ODEI Spotlight: SAC Fall Activities Fair Day 2

BE Doctoral Dissertation: “Adaptation of Maternal Skeletal Mechano-responsiveness, Osteocyte Microenvironment, and Bone Marrow Adipocytes in Response to Reproduction and Lactation” (Yihan Li)

MSE Thesis Defense: “An In Situ Study of Resistance Degradation and Switching of Bulk Yttria-Stabilized Zirconia and Strontium Titanate Single Crystals”

ODEI Spotlight: SAC Fall Activities Fair Day 3

BE Doctoral Dissertation: “From ‘-omics’ to biomarkers and mechanisms in Parkinson’s disease: Growth hormone receptor and GPNMB” (Maria E. Diaz Ortiz)

BE Seminar: “Synthetic Biochemistry: Engineering Molecules and Pathways for Precision Medicine” (Michael Lin)


MEAM Seminar: “The Role of Manipulation Primitives in Building Dexterous Robotic Systems”

CBE Seminar: “No Equations, No Variables, No Space, No Time: Data and the Modeling of Complex Systems”

MSE Lab Safety Seminar

BE Seminar: “Dynamics of 3D Cell Migration and Organ Formation” (Kenneth Yamada)


Technology, Business and Government Lecture: Arvind Krishna, Chairman and CEO, IBM

MEAM Seminar: “Soft-Matter Engineering for Robotics and Wearables”

ODEI Spotlight: Career Services’ 2021 Engineering Career Day (Virtual Career Fair)

CEMB Future Leaders Seminar: “Exchange of molecular and cellular information: A hybrid model connecting regulatory interactions with stem cell divisions in the root”

CBE Seminar: “Design of Sequential Catalytic Solvolysis Process for Selectively Deconstructing Waste Plastics”

MSE Seminar: “From Conducting Polymers to Conducting Molecular Search A Materials Science Pathway to the Perkin Medal”

BE Seminar: “Regenerative Engineering: Enabling Regenerative Medicine” (Guillermo Ameer)

Fall 2021 GRASP Seminar: GRASP Research Overview – Day 1

CEMB: Academic Job Search During the Pandemic

PICS Colloquium: “Protein dynamics and energy landscape engineering”


PSOC@Penn Seminar: “Glycosaminoglycans Modulate Long-Range Mechanical Communication Between Cells in Collagen Networks” (Xingyu Chen)

Treeswift and the Penn Journey: From Research to Startup

PSOC@Penn Seminar: “Harnessing Biochemistry and Engineering to Visualize Metabolism” (Kayvan R. Keshari)

MEAM Seminar: “Active Colloids in Nematics for Micro-robotics and Reconfigurable Systems”

VIPER Lightning Talks: Addressing Energy Challenges Through Undergraduate Research

Plastic Waste: Global Challenges and Opportunities

CBE Seminar: “Engineering the Crystallization of Water Using Molecular and Biomolecular Agents”

Global Discovery Series: Climate Change and Cities

MSE David P. Pope Distinguished Lecture: “Skin-Inspired Organic Electronics”

BE Seminar: “Material Design for Lymph Node Drug Delivery and Immunomodulation” (Susan Thomas)

CBE Graduate Student Symposium (GSS)

Fall 2021 GRASP Seminar: GRASP Research Overview – Day 2

Sustainability and the Building Environment: Building Materials and Cooling Strategies that Combat a Warming Planet


MEAM Seminar: “Kirigami: Programming Cutting and Folding from Microscale to Meter Scale”

CBE Seminar: “Shake It Off: Dynamics of Bacterial Adhesions at Interfaces”

ODEI Spotlight: Promoting LGBTQ+ Inclusivity

MEAM PhD Thesis Defense: “A Differential Homogenization Framework for Precipitation-Strengthened Metals”

Fall 2021 GRASP Seminar: Rahul Mangharam, University of Pennsylvania, “What can we learn from Autonomous Racing?”

ODEI Spotlight: Career Services Q&A zoom session for International Students

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