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Calendar of Events
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PSOC Webinar: “Polarity Signaling Ensures Epidermal Homeostasis By Coupling Cellular Mechanics and Genomic Integrity” (Sandra Iden)

MEAM Seminar: “Fusion for Robot Perception and Controls”

MSE Seminar: “Engineering topological phases in graphene moiré heterostructures”

MEAM Ph.D. Thesis Defense: “Reactive Planning with Legged Robots in Unknown Environments”

Spring 2021 GRASP SFI: “Safe and Data-efficient Learning for Robotics”

CBE Seminar: “Metal-Organic Frameworks as Tunable Platforms for Gas Storage, Chemical Separations and Catalysis”

CIS Seminar: “The Measurement and Mismeasurement of Trustworthy ML”

MSE Seminar: “Engineering nanoparticle-cell interactions: using a library-based approach to guide drug carrier design”

ESE Seminar: “High-Level Synthesis of Dynamically Scheduled Circuits”

BE Dissertation Defense: “Uncovering Constraints on Organoid Morphologies” (Lauren Beck)

GRASP On Robotics: “Advancing Innovations for Robotic Teams in Complex Environments”

ESE Seminar: “Reliable Machine Learning in Feedback Systems”


ODEI Spotlight: Women of Color in Higher Education – Resilience and Empowerment Amidst Twin Pandemics

PSOC Webinar: Jorden Zev Gartner

ODEI Event: Climate Change and Urban Resilience

ODEI Spotlight: Women of Color in Higher Education – Resilience and Empowerment Amidst Twin Pandemics

MEAM Seminar: “Understanding and Controlling Pattern Formation of Soft Materials”

MSE Seminar: “Controlling ferroelectricity at the nanoscale: from oxide heterostructures to freestanding crystalline membranes”

ODEI Spotlight: Women of Color in Higher Education – Resilience and Empowerment Amidst Twin Pandemics

MSE Seminar: “Tailoring materials properties by ultrafast laser driving of collective modes”

ESE Seminar: “Demystifying (Deep) Reinforcement Learning: The Optimist, The Pessimist, and Their Provable Efficiency”


MEAM Seminar: “Control of Turbulent Wall Shear Flows and the Potential for ‘Designer Turbulence'”

ESE Seminar: “Surpassing Fundamental Limits through Time Varying Electromagnetics”

CIS Seminar: “Human-AI Systems for Making Video Useful”

PICS Alumni Spotlight: Xiaoguai Li

MSE Seminar: “When ions meet electrons — Modeling the interfaces in Solid-State Batteries”

ESE Seminar: “Synthetic dimensions: harnessing light’s internal degrees of freedom for quantum, nonlinear and topological photonics”

BE/Biochem/Biophys Seminar: “The Coming of Age of De Novo Protein Design” David Baker


PSOC Webinar: Robert T. Tranquillo

MEAM Seminar: “Exploring the Structure of Sediment-Laden Turbidity Currents”

ODEI Spotlight: Sustaining Women’s Progress in STEM

CIS Seminar: “Prioritizing Computation and Analyst Resources in Large-scale Data Analytics”

CBE Seminar: “Life in a Tight Spot: How Bacteria Move in Heterogeneous Media”

MSE Seminar: “Future Directions in Self-Assembly for Nanopatterning”

ESE Seminar: “Engineering Quantum Processors in Silicon”

Grace Hopper Distinguished Lecture: “Biomanufacturing Vascularized Organoids and Functional Human Tissues” (Jennifer A. Lewis)

PICS Colloquium: “Workflows, Datasets and Models for Active Discovery in Catalysis”


PSOC Webinar: Rong Li


CBE Seminar: “Systems Biology of Glycosylation: Examples from Cancer Biology, Inflammatory Disease and SARS-CoV-2 Infection”

ESE Seminar: “Engineering (Useful) Quantum Systems”

BE Seminar: Emery Brown

CIS Seminar: “Expanding the Reach of Fuzzing”

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