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Doctoral Dissertation Defense of Sohaib Hashmi

MSE Lab Safety Seminar


MEAM Seminar: “U.S. Army Additive Manufacturing Materials and Technologies”

ESE Seminar: “Skin Interfaced Wearable Sweat Biosensors”

CIS Seminar: “Embodied perception in-the-wild”


MSE Seminar: “Approaching the Intrinsic Limit in Transition Metal Dichalcogenide van der Waals Heterostructures”

BE Seminar: “Stem Cell Fate is a Touchy Subject” (Quinton Smith)


MEAM Seminar: “Tackling Energy Sector Challenges with Interdisciplinary Research and Education Initiatives”

ESE Seminar: “Electrical Digestive Engineering”

CIS Seminar: “Recovering, manipulating and enhancing recorded speech (1905-2020)”

BE/MINS Seminar: “Mapping emotions: discovering structure in mesoscale electrical brain recordings” (Kafui Dzirasa, Duke University)

MSE Seminar: “III-V photovoltaic substrate reuse using fracture”


Climate Week: Africa and Climate Change: Challenges and Solutions in a Globalized World

CIS Seminar: “Engineering Approximate Computations”

ESE Thesis Defense: “Constrained Learning and Inference”

MEAM Seminar: “Robots and Mechatronic Systems can help us identify, assess, and treat Motor and Cognitive Impairment after Brain Injury”

MEAM PHD Thesis Defense: “Control of Dry Adhesion via Mechanics and Structuring”

Climate Week: Carbon Offsets Should Make a Difference: Connecting Offsets for University-Sponsored Air Travel to a Vision for an Energy and Climate Partnership with West Philadelphia

MSE Seminar: “How to Care for Yourself While Navigating a Complex World”

Climate Week: Embodied Carbon and the Built Environment: A Focus on Mass Timber

BE Seminar: “Patients, Providers and Data: How the EMR and Data Science are Changing Clinical Care” (Kevin Johnson)

SIG Seminar: “Coupling Sub-Grid Solids, Simulating Liquid Metals, and Inferring Facial Expressions”

Climate Week: A Case for Carbon Removal From Air

PICS Workshop: “Machine Learning with MATLAB”


MEAM Seminar: “Aluminum Scandium Nitride Microdevices for Next Generation Nonvolatile Memory and Microelectromechanical Systems”

ESE Seminar: “Evolutionary Adaptations and Spreading Processes in Complex Networks”

CIS Seminar: “Experiencing a new Internet architecture”

CBE Seminar: “Understanding and Engineering Catalytic Materials Using Nanocrystal Precursors”

MSE Seminar: “Predicting Properties of Structurally and Chemically Complex Materials using Physics-informed Statistical Learning”

BE Seminar: “Predicting the effects of engineering immune cells using systems biology modeling” (Stacey Finley)

SIG Seminar:”Differentiable Machine Learning in Deformable Simulation”

PICS Seminar: “Fusing machine learning and atomistic simulations for materials design”

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