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Calendar of Events
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MEAM Seminar: “Interfacial Soft Matter”

ESE Seminar: “New Designer Materials: Sculpting Electromagnetic Fields on the Atomic Scale”

CIS Seminar: “Perceiving Humans in the 3D World”

CBE Seminar: “Mechanisms of Cellulose Activation and Implications for Bioenergy”

ESE Seminar: “Towards Socially-Aware Autonomy for Mobility-Efficient Smart Cities”

ODI Seminar: Christopher Hart, Former NTSB Chairman, on the Future of Autonomous Vehicles

CIS Seminar: ” Rethinking the hardware-software contract: Enabling practical and general cross-layer optimizations”

ESE Seminar: “Quantum Nanophotonics: Engineering Atom-Photon Interactions on a Chip”


PSOC Spring 2019 Seminar Series: Theresa Whitehead, Ph.D.


ESE Seminar: “From Nanotech to Living Sensors: Unraveling the Spin Physics of Biosensing at the Nanoscale”

ESE Seminar: “Towards Robotic Manipulation – Understanding the World Through Contact”


ESE Seminar: “Ultra-Low-Power Neural Interfaces: from Monitoring to Diagnosis and Therapy”

CIS Seminar: “Towards Embodied Visual Intelligence”

CIS Seminar: “Language as a Scaffold for Grounded Intelligence:

CBE Seminar: “Predicting and Controlling Stability and Protein-Protein Interactions for Therapeutic Antibodies”

MSE Seminar: “Nano-Emulsion design, synthesis and applications in medicine”

ESE Seminar: “Software, Architecture, and VLSI Co-Design for Efficient Task-Based Parallel Runtimes”

BE Seminar: “Microfluidics and Immuno-Materials for Organs-on-a-Chip”

ESE Seminar: “Confluence of Electromagnetics, Circuits and Systems Enables The Third Wireless Revolution”

PICS Seminar: “Coupled Multiphysics Models of Cardiac Hemodynamics: From Fundamental Insights to Clinical Translation”


PSOC Spring 2019 Seminar Series: Alexander Anderson, Ph.D.

MEAM Seminar: “Nanoparticle Heating for Therapeutics, Regenerative Medicine and Diagnostics”

CIS Seminar: “Security for All: Modeling Structural Inequities to Design More Secure Systems”

CIS Seminar: ” Natural language to structured knowledge representations”

John A. Quinn Distinguished Lecture: “Some Uses and Misuses of Equilibrium Thermodynamics”

MSE Inaugural David P. Pope Lecture: “High-entropy alloys: what’s all the fuss about?”

CIS Seminar: “Machine Learning: Why Do Simple Algorithms Work So Well?”


MEAM Seminar: “Force, Shape, and Motion in Collective Cell Migration”

CIS Seminar: “Computer Security for Emerging Technologies”

CBE Seminar: “Particle Transport in Soft, Disordered Media”

ESE Seminar: “Control of Light and Heat for New Energy Applications”

BE Seminar Series: Applied Topology in Biological Systems

BE Seminar Series: Synchronization is Robust in a Computational Model of Neuronal Network Dynamics and Injury

ESE Seminar: “Safety and Robustness Guarantees with Learning in the Loop”

CIS Seminar: “Towards Human-Level Recognition via Contextual, Dynamic, and Predictive Representations”


MEAM Seminar: “Additive Manufacturing and Architected Materials”

Doctoral Dissertation Defense: Tissue Engineered Nigrostriatal Pathway for Treatment of Parkinson’s Disease

CBE Seminar: “C4E-Computational Chemistry of Compounds for Catalysis and Energy”

MedTech Panel Series, Part 1: Executives – “From bench to boardroom”

MSE Seminar: “Integrated Lithium Niobate Photonics”

CIS Seminar: “Making Parallelism Pervasive with the Swarm Architecture”

BE Grace Hopper Lecture: Powering tumor cell migration through heterogeneous microenvironments

The Joy of Being Faculty: How to Apply for a Faculty Position

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